Amy Winehouse arrested again, world record in sight

Amy Winehouse has been arrested again making it the 2,567th time this month. This time it’s for the video of Amy smoking crack and downing six Valium. Turns out that’s illegal. Who knew? BBC News reports:

A Metropolitan Police (Met) spokesman said the arrest was in connection with a video of the star passed to them in January this year.

It’s gotta be the easiest gig in town to work the drug beat for the Metropolitan Police. All you gotta do is show up for work, drive over to Amy Winehouse’s pad and BOOM! let’s call it a day. I bet you sometimes they just call her up and say “Hey, Amy, can you be a sport and save us a trip, love? There’s some McDonald’s in it for you.” She typically bursts through a window five minutes later. Except the one time she drove a scooter through the front door. Well, not so much drove as sat backwards while her cat steered.

NOTE: No need to thank me for the photos, precious readers. It’s my way of saying “You complete me.”

Photos: Splash News