Amy Winehouse arrested again, world record in sight

May 7th, 2008 // 100 Comments

Amy Winehouse has been arrested again making it the 2,567th time this month. This time it’s for the video of Amy smoking crack and downing six Valium. Turns out that’s illegal. Who knew? BBC News reports:

A Metropolitan Police (Met) spokesman said the arrest was in connection with a video of the star passed to them in January this year.

It’s gotta be the easiest gig in town to work the drug beat for the Metropolitan Police. All you gotta do is show up for work, drive over to Amy Winehouse’s pad and BOOM! let’s call it a day. I bet you sometimes they just call her up and say “Hey, Amy, can you be a sport and save us a trip, love? There’s some McDonald’s in it for you.” She typically bursts through a window five minutes later. Except the one time she drove a scooter through the front door. Well, not so much drove as sat backwards while her cat steered.

NOTE: No need to thank me for the photos, precious readers. It’s my way of saying “You complete me.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ed

    Wow. I think I threw up in my mouth with that photo…

  2. tight lipped smiler

    She looks like one of the Mynamar cyclone victims after floating back to shore. The difference is they had no control over their fate.

  3. Slavorous

    She looks like she’s pregnant. Take another look, she seriously looks pregnant! Poor baby!!!!

  4. FIST!

    Is she on this season’s Survivor? She should be…

  5. hate you for no reason

    Now THAT is a great bikini shot!!!

  6. Mo

    God, someone HELP her.

  7. justifiable

    Odd to someone skip death and just go straight to decomposition.

  8. justifiable

    Odd to see someone skip death and just go straight to decomposition.

  9. Ted from LA

    I agree. Send cash to:
    Ted from LA ‘sGet Rich Quick Scheme
    P.O. Box 1459
    Ocean City, NJ

    I’ll make sure all the money goes to Amy Whinohouse with the exception on my fee. I’ll for sure buy her a matching suimsuit and a one month memebership to the health club.

  10. Why don’t the newspapers just report when she isn’t arrested instead. Otherwise, we’ll assume she was.

  11. Sara

    Gross. That’s the first and only word that came to my mind when I saw this. Gross.

  12. How come every photo of this skank is her wearing very little. For the love of God – stop!

  13. max

    is that diaper?

  14. loui

    she looks filthy. Is that hellmans mayo shes carrying in the first pic?

  15. Beav

    Is she pulling a jar of mayonnaise out of her beehive?

  16. Leeks

    She has to have one of the oddest-shaped bodies I’ve seen. And I think she’s carrying a jar of mayonnaise in the first two pics.

  17. anita

    I would hate to be that poor bikini bottom……

  18. boredom

    ahh Ted let me know if you need help opening a Central/North Jersey branch.

    And why should someone help her? She screwed up on her own let her help her damn self. No one help her tell her to do whatever she wants, she’s a big girl.

  19. havoc

    Dude, stop showing these fucking photos….



  20. Taylor

    This poor child is just screaming out for help and it is as if those in her closest circle are purposely closing their ears. People do not let themselves “go” this badly or certainly do not allow themselves to be seen as she is in these horrible photos, unless that person has completely given in to their severe depression. The hard part is forcing someone of her age to get help. You have to want to be helped for help to work, and just as we have seen/see in Britney Spears, if an adult’s blood chemistries are too far out of whack, the person is simply incapable of saving themselves – of making the appropriate choice to get well, to ask for help. Sadly, I foresee a very short future for Ms. Winehouse. We should all pray for her, not gape at her.

  21. Rock Hard Porno Wang

    These pictures are making it very difficult for me to maintain my image.

  22. Davey Beerbarn

    GAH!! My peener just went into a fetal position.

  23. woodhorse

    The real kick in the tits is that you could make that post and call us “precious” in the same breath. Amy, well I expect Amy to look like The Remake of Grease.

  24. veggi

    wow Taylor. I knew there was a reason I didn’t go to church. Or rehab for that matter..


  25. woodhorse

    Hi Veggi – check out #21 “blood chemistries are too far out of whack”. I hate it when that happens.

  26. woodhorse

    @9 “me me”bership? Freudian slip much?

  27. Deathwatcher

    I am so gonna laugh me ass off when this talentless hack croaks like a snake eatin’ a bullfrog. It’s too late for her. She has done too many drugs and her brain is fried.

  28. Mike

    *smacking lips*

    Mm, mm, mmm! Loving pic #4!

  29. veggi

    You’re weird Mike…. but pic #4 does remind me of the part in Waiting for Guffman where Corky is in the hunters trailer and says “I didn’t know deer could do…. this”..

  30. Champ

    wow – attractive. I think I saw her profile on

  31. Amy whinewhore looks like the girl that was on the cover of Time Mag in the 70′s running down the dirt road naked after we napalmed her village. Now if we can only get Amy to stay in the village the next time we drop the napalm.

  32. Vince Lombardi

    Clearly global warming is among us, as England now appears to have severe shortages of bathtubs, water, and soap. Or Handi-Wipes. Or just a freakin’ alcohol swab. Hell, sandpaper. Just roll around on the grass, for Jesus Christ’s sake!

  33. nipolian

    #21 – Thanks for that Dr. Phil…….I now see the error of my ways…….I shouldn’t make fun of celebutards when they are down, I should show some compassion because they truly………………Awwww fuck that and fuck this nasty festering blister on the ass of today’s music industry. She’s a self absorbed piece of shit and gets what she deserves. I hope they have some sort of 3 strikes your out law in the UK and gas the bitch this time.

  34. Randal

    Amy, thinking of you during this rough patch in your life. The public really needs to chill out when it comes to what you want to do with your life and if you want to puff something special, you should be able to.


  35. Deva

    I can’t believe someone has sex with this fucking troll.

  36. Tsch

    Look at the stupid swedish people then…

  37. Mike

    @30 Veggi, I have the same little outfit for my goat. She look so cute when I get her all dressed up.

  38. Dick Bush

    Fcuking FUBAR.

  39. Pageseerer

    She is the epitome of gross.

  40. Why is that one guy CONSTANTLY TEXTING??

  41. Auntie Kryst

    @21 Ah c’mon Taylor are you going to leave it just like that? If you’re going to troll, throw a little more chum in the water.. Bah, ok I’ll bite.

    Taylor, just shut the fuck up! Bitches like Amy Winehouse don’t deserve any pity from anyone. Listen asshole, this stupid cunt brought it on herself. No one is to blame but her.

    Want to pray douchebag? Pray this filthy jewess whore gets gets hit by one of those charming red double-decker buses those limeys drive.

  42. tits come in all shapes

    Yowzers… it is already warm enough in the UK to be strolling around nude?

  43. justifiable

    Too bad – she had a great voice and now was dropped from recording the latest James Bond soundtrack because there’s not a chance in hell she can complete it. Because she’s still got a lot of dough to blow before she hits rock bottom she’ll probably OD before she gets there. Jail time might be the only thing that can save her at this point. And it’s a great place to pick up a few more tats, too.

  44. miggs

    Most celebs look photoshopped in their pictures, but Amy looks auschwitzed.

  45. noneyabeezwax

    that bitch is smokin’ hot. i would eat the crack rocks outta her shit.

  46. bosendorfer

    seriously, can’t she be institutionalized for a period of months by the government — enough time to at least give her a chance? as it is her youth is the only thing keeping her from having died again and again — and her youth is fleeting. good luck, amy jade. a “radiant abyss,” indeed.

  47. Gia

    I hope the authorities put her on a mandatory drug program and regular drug testing before she kills herself.

  48. pat

    I will pray for her.
    Since the God of the Bible doesn’t really have a good recovery record (e.g. as compared to modern medicine), I’ll pray to Apollo to help her.
    And if that don’t work, I’ll try Ishtar.
    I draw the line at animal (or human) sacrifice though.

  49. norton

    A class act from the top of her dirty beehive to the bottom of her filthy feet.

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