Amy Winehouse and Kelly Osbourne have brunch

January 14th, 2008 // 97 Comments

Amy Winehouse had Sunday brunch with Kelly Osbourne yesterday. I love how Kelly, whose father is Ozzy Osbourne of all people, still manages to register shock at the sight of Amy. I bet Ozzy will catch a glimpse of Amy Winehouse and, after pissing himself, try to stab her with a wooden stake. “Bloody hell. Sharon! One of them fucking vampires are in the house again! It smells like bloody shit and chips. Aw, hell, it’s eating my popsicles. Not the blue ones – Sharon!”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. Sicilian

    Kelly’s cute.

  2. havoc

    Two of the ugliest motherfucking people on the planet……



  3. catska


  4. D. Richards (Scumbag.)

    Somebody fucks Amy Winehouse. Alarming.

  5. Sicilian

    I was first, dumbass.

  6. ESQ

    6th, ha, ha..and Amy is fugly..Kelly looks good and who cares if they went to lunch.

  7. catska


  8. Racer X

    The goggles, they do NOTHING!

    /Kelly has a nice butt

  9. I did not know that the two of them were friends. I love Amy’s music, but she needs to pull herself together.

  10. Jade

    Is that crap on Amy’s eyes tattoo’d on? Or does she go through tons of makeup each day to apply that hideous stuff?

  11. miggs

    For a second I thought that was Hillary Clinton confronting Monica Lewinsky.

  12. Binky

    # 11 – that’s what I was wondering.
    And all this ‘goth’ look around – I never thought Eddie Munster was THAT cool… etc..

  13. Sicilian

    Nice jizz rag(s), Amy.

  14. The Office Whore

    Thank gawd I brought liquor for lunch.. Oh, I mean, I’m going to lunch. I wouldn’t THINK of drinking yet! It’s only 2:30. Sheesh, whoodoya think I am?? FRIST!! ha!

  15. TS

    Easily the ugliest human being on the planet.

    #’s 3 and 6, how is it possible that you don’t get it? Retards.

  16. I know stuff

    TS- don’t forget number 8!!!!

  17. I bet that was a pig fest. Did they go to the all you can eat buffet??

  18. granada

    The only cute thing I see in these pictures is the dog.

  19. FACE

    Can you imagine the funk if they both took their pants off?

  20. mrs.t

    @ #9: Stop fucking around, Kelly.

  21. aja

    Amy looks so bad. Sick, old, drugged out, unkempt…she is looking worse and worse each time I see her pictures, it’s scary. What a shame.

  22. Bigheadmike

    Loser and loser……

  23. p0nk

    xrist, even the dog looks frightened.

  24. overheard

    “Say, Amy, what’s in the box?”

    ‘Hair and stench!”

  25. Halloween came early this year………….

  26. well

    kelly has a pretty face.
    it is a shame she couldn’t be thinner.

  27. Oprah

    That’s what I love about people with Down Syndrome. They always look so surprised and happy.

  28. I think Kelly is really pretty. Though she sorta does look like her dog.
    Amy is just a cracked out ugly whack job with teeth the size of Guam.

  29. Kelly looks like one of the little people on “It’s A Small World” at Disneyland

  30. #15 What are you implying????

  31. amy3000

    You know, I used to think that there was at least a miniscule chance of Amy Winehouse being *slightly* less repulsive without that ratty beehive… but here we are o.O When you put those two side by side she manages to make Kelly Osbourne look like freaking Jessica Alba, so at least she’s good for something.

    side note: Do I hate the fact that I share a name with this horrific case of walking VD? Yes, Yes I do.

  32. Chef

    What and where do such uglies eat lunch? I have to know, so I don’t ever go there.

  33. cap'n pickles

    Bet Kelly has sticky lips and fingers by the time THAT lunch is over. Hope she has the good sense to tie a rope to her ankle before diving in to Amy’s tar pit.

  34. @31 The Office Whore is paying you a complement..

  35. @31 The Office Whore is paying you a complement..

  36. Shallow Val

    Wow, Amy Winehosue managed to get even uglier. I mean she looks like utter and complete shite. Holy god in himmel. BUT, at least she has a friend. That’s probably what she needs….a healthy friend. Yeah, Yeah, I’m feeling a little gentle today.

    Kelly does look cute. Poor assless Amy.

  37. That first pic reminds me of Beetlejuice……Amy just scared the shit outta Kelly and her dog!

  38. omggg
    r u seriouss
    ppl gey a life seriously
    at least they have one iinstend of being on myspace
    and doing something thet wont even
    count in the future
    cuz they will most not care if u think there ugly
    cuz they make waaay more money then you ever will
    so ye

  39. How can anyone eat sitting across the table from Amy Crackhouse?

  40. Gerald_Tarrant

    #24 – That pug does look really frightened. I’ve seen the look of fear on dogs faces before and that is it.

  41. @28

    They are always up for anal as well.

  42. Hey Skittles, you need to get back on the short bus..

    And…………………………..guess who didn’t show up for court today? Our favorite ex bald ex hot ex popstar!!!!! At least thats what my homepage tells me..

  43. @39

    Rainbow Skittelz give me the shittelz. Seriously. Learn how to spell. It doesn’t make you look cute. You write like all the other American children. More interested in the latest ipod than English class. Retard.

  44. Who’s the brunette holding Kelly?

  45. taco bell for breakfast

    Is she shaped like a freaking tree, bitch has no waistline. Gangly arms covered in black hair, Amy you’re fabulous.

  46. Jason Morris

    Even the dog is shocked! “Ahhhrrrggg! Get the fuck away from me!”, says the pug.
    God, what a fugly bitch! Eeeeew.

  47. jrz

    the dog’s face is fucking classic.
    What on earth could these two have talked about?
    K: So, how do you get so ugly?
    A: Oh, I never bathe.
    K: Oh, lovely, right, right…I should stop bathing. Right.
    A: Gee you’re fat.

  48. soemguy

    Wow, dogs really look like their owners…

  49. Chauncey Gardner

    Why doesn’t Amy’s husband or boyfriend or whatever like having sex with females?

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