Amy Wineh- NO! And I’m blind. Good game, sight.

March 20th, 2008 // 112 Comments

Amy Winehouse posed nude to raise breast cancer awareness. How, exactly, I couldn’t even fathom because currently my brain is trying to punch its way out of my ear. I don’t know which is worse: this ad or the close up shots of Amy’s impetigo’d face. At this point, I’d rather look at secret option #3 otherwise known as a tomahawk entering my retina.

Thanks to Todd for the pic. Remind me to repay you in non-negotiable “I’m burning your goddamn house down while you sleep” dollars.

Photo: Easy Living Magazine

  1. scarlett.

    hahahaha i laugh at how gross she is.

  2. I hope you’re happy you sick fuck.

    My children now won’t have a father and you’ve left my wife widowed because I have no choice after seeing this than to gouge my own eyes out with Ricky Gay Martin’s penis and shooting myself in the face. I hope this makes you extremely pleased.

    It’s either that or just flat out turn fag. No way around it…I couldn’t look at another woman again…no matter how supple…without seeing those saggy milksacks that total douchebag waste of flesh calls tits.

    I want to fucking die now.

    Thanks, asshole…love the site.

  3. dude

    that’s a real boner killer

  4. Great photo, its actually creative and artistic. Not your average picture that most people would take.

    reminds me of that alanis morisette music video..

  5. TonyS

    I’m stiff

  6. Mark

    Large sexy.I saw her in millonaire dating site””.Is really has a new baby?Is she really single now?

  7. i feel like i’ve seen too much like months ago.

  8. Slash

    My eyes, the goggles do nothing!

  9. Ror

    For god sake all you people slagging Amy need to get a fucking life you dumb cunts

  10. Tristen

    nancy Reagan couls of use her for the poster child of Just Say No…or you will look like this at 45…excuse me 25

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