Amy Wineh- NO! And I’m blind. Good game, sight.

March 20th, 2008 // 112 Comments

Amy Winehouse posed nude to raise breast cancer awareness. How, exactly, I couldn’t even fathom because currently my brain is trying to punch its way out of my ear. I don’t know which is worse: this ad or the close up shots of Amy’s impetigo’d face. At this point, I’d rather look at secret option #3 otherwise known as a tomahawk entering my retina.

Thanks to Todd for the pic. Remind me to repay you in non-negotiable “I’m burning your goddamn house down while you sleep” dollars.

Photo: Easy Living Magazine

  1. Sunny


    The bottom line is Amy took the time to do charity. It would be great if all celebrities took the time to do charity. Needy and sick people need all the help they can get.

  2. Will

    ugh…. why is she famous? she’s fugly & her music is absolute shit….

  3. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    @51 yes, amy has an incredibly busy schedule what with all the drugs and parties she has to do.

  4. jFp

    ans: Amy Winehouse

    ques: what would you get if the oz-evil witch had monkey sex.

  5. Rich

    I’d love to lick and fuck her.

  6. Unklejoe

    Id lick amys aszhole!


  8. I thought I was able to avoid this, but here it is, right on top of the pile..

  9. eurotrash

    damn im pissed, and jealous…this photo sucks and being a photography student i can’t imagine a more interesting subject to photograph than amy winehouse…

  10. Dijon

    Oh for fecks sake. Cancer is a bad horrible thing. (I should know, I had it years ago) But I don’t think having a heroin-smoking, disease-ridden, smoking moronbag of a women trying to raise awareness of breast cancer is a particularly Good Thing.

    What next? Britney Spears appearing nude to raise awareness of child abuse?


  11. Erica.

    She looks good to me. But I do agree with # 60. She was NOT the right person to be on an ad about breast cancer. HORRIBLE, horrrible.

  12. woodhorse

    @15 Possibly. But her liver is not afraid of her – she is really looking yellow.

  13. titlesswonder

    Computer says “NO”

  14. woodhorse

    “Alex, I ‘ll take Things That Stick To A Guitar for ten dollars, please”.

  15. #27 Dearie

    I am aware of the meaning “soulful” but must disagree that an Engish jew singing like an American black woman is such. Being a miserable ugly loser and singing about your pathos is not “soulful”. She is formulaic and wholl unoriginal other than her acute nastiness. She is a media creation of no talent, no musical skill whatsoever. I would like to see this whore or any other “singer” sit down and write any of their own music. Of course most modern musicians are incapable of doing this and play “by ear” which suggests a diminution of musicality in favor of popularized lesser tastes. And after all, that is where the money is – with the mindless masses!

  16. I am the Leg Man

    She has nice legs.

  17. agent57

    Oh God, no, she looks like a normal woman. And she’s naked. Make it stop.

    Come on… she actually looks pretty healthy in this pic. Not stick-like at all. Rather like an average woman. Are people just so used to implants and surgery that this looks hideous and wrong to them? She was probably the only celeb they could get who still had her own boobs. And, you know, an ad about breast cancer… natural boobs are kind of important to the message.

    @13: I’ve thought a similar thing about how music was better when people weren’t becoming famous for their looks, but for their music instead. Pretty much before music videos came along and ruined it. So some people think Amy’s an ugly, drug-ravaged hag. Well, so’s Mick Jagger.

  18. My Penis

    This chick is the embodiment, of “I just don’t give a shit”. Those floppy fritters are just terrible…oooof, and Ooof again I say.

  19. jFp

    I’m just glad the guitar is covering up her dick.

  20. aha

    @ 65… she DOES write her own music.

  21. Music and Legs??

    What the fuck is wrong with you idiots? That shit aint music and she has skeletal legs – bird legs!

  22. Evil

    Kinda hot actually, better than she looks dressed

  23. Reality Check

    She is very talented and if you don’t feel so, you are entitled to your opinion. Some of the comments are a joke…

    15 minutes? She has been gaining popularity as time progresses, so that comment holds no validity.

    Cancer jokes? God forbid someone you care about is diagnosed with cancer, I want to see you bust out cancer jokes to them.

    Even Paul McCartney recently commented on how talented Amy is. Go check a love show out, or download a live show and you will see she is much more then one song about rehab.

    It shows maturity when you people start posting about how this music sucks. I know, because you are an authority on music. Its all about taste and opinion, you don’t like her or the much, move on.

    I am sure that if you were photographed 40 times a day that your swamp ass would look great in everyone.

  24. cuteboy

    Amy is poor. Her life was completely ruined by drugs and her marriage. I saw her on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. It seems she is on divorce now.

  25. friendlyfires

    Amy Winehouse. A voice for radio and a body also for radio.
    That impetigo thing she has – it’s actually flesh eating bacteria. She won’t see Easter Monday if that ain’t taken care.

  26. Unbeliever

    Screw all that, what chord is she playing? A something?

    And I bags the ‘tape bra’ concept.

  27. Intelligence Check

    Matter of opinion? This rotting drug addict is not a musician. She is merely a singer and nothing more. She knows nothing of music. Have you listened to her lyrics? She sings of nothing. Shallow with contrived voice.
    Go back to your trailer park reality #73, there is the source of the joke. And then listen to some hip-hop. That’s really good music as well to an imbecile.

  28. King Wang

    Definitely the poster whore for “This is your body on Meth” commercials they show starving African children.

    Let’s not talk about her non-existent talent, that is would be like calling a prostitute a whore: and we already know that!

  29. Reality Check

    And shame on your for not masturbating to this woman. I someday hope to be a woman, just lik my Mom had trained me. She died from Breast Cancer 10 years ago and it still hurts… OK, maybe it wasn’t Breast Cancer, it was Breast Augmentation, and it wasn’t 10 years ago, it was 6 months ago, and she didn’t die, she had sex with me in a drunken stupor… It still hurts… mostly when I pee…

  30. woodhorse

    @73 did you say “you people”? We here at the Fish, although occasionally crass (artistic license) are far too diverse for a “you people”. I stand offended.

  31. I like it better when she runs around in her bra and panties.



    Pretty panties

  32. Vince Lombardi

    Probably the only nude photo in the history of nude photos where they had to airbrush weight ON someone.

  33. thedentist

    To tabitha (post 21). Sorry to hear that, but I don’t want more money taken from my paycheck to pay for your boobs. Can you understand that? I’d rather spend MY money on MY family, not your tits. In regards to the pic, she’s not bad if you put a bag over her head.

  34. thedentist

    80 – stop trying to be one of the superficial writers.

  35. mamadough

    not really raising breast cancer awareness….more like crack whores are among us awareness. is that black duct tape stuck to her tits? anyone wanna guess how long she left it there after the shoot?

  36. The Easter Bunny

    Oh man…..this really isn’t a very good Friday at all.

  37. shane

    You know how, when you have the hiccups, people can scare your hiccups away. I bet Amy could do the same for cancer. Of course, after seeing her you’ll probably lose your eyesight.

  38. Peter

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  39. tight lipped smiler

    I miss the red bra.

  40. erica lew.

    # 84. That is EXACTLY why I don’t care for Obama like I used to. I used to think he’d change our country. But all he is going to do is make make my family poor. I’m a Democrat, but I want McCain.

    Anyways. I still don’t care for this woman.

  41. Geenar

    poor girl
    she so fucked man
    im surprised she’s not stepping on her breasts by now.

  42. tight lipped smiler

    #91 go peddle your talking points somewhere else you Repugnican zombie fuck. This site is for base shallow criticism of the naked and ugly. No one cares about your political views if you have any besides making money.

  43. thedentist

    93 I believe you are also directing that at me. Fuck you asshole. Plus I’m trying to sort out if you are in support of shallowness and greed or against it. Either way fuck off

  44. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    @76 looks like a Dm7 to me.

  45. Xooki Munster

    #73 – Here’s one of those Wineloonies posting on a site that SPECIALIZE IN SNARK!!! Spare my the poor Amy posts, she does drugs thanks to you sob sisters constantly buying her music. She and her drug pushers appreciate you lot!

  46. thedentist

    93: You made me so mad I pooped myself AGAIN! I’m tired of this anal leakage from taking McCain’s mammoth monster up my Hershey Highway this past weekend…

    I the guy who introduced said Johnny wanted me to take a POLL.

    Down with the faux-negro! Give us Jessie Jackson!

  47. Pixie

    Love the picture! I want to take one of myself with my guitar but I’ll cover my lovely breasts and wear a little thong with 4 1/2 ” heels. I should donate to the Breast Cancer research today.

  48. Kennedy


    You think McCAin is going to help you? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    McCain wants to continue the war in IRAQ while both Clinton & Obama do not.
    Very expensive war for Americans and American Lives and all lives involved.

    Republicans Always give the greastest tax breaks to the elite rich Americans 3 percent, that is, Anual income of 300,000 or more.

    I could go on and on but it’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. to that dumbass #84

    #84- it’s not a ‘boob job’ when a woman goes under recons. plastic surgery for breast(s) she’s lost to cancer. obvious why you end up a dentist (that is, if your lousy nickname holds any truth value to your pathetic existence)- you don’t know the difference between such plastic surgery and getting D cups.

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