Amy Wineh- NO! And I’m blind. Good game, sight.

March 20th, 2008 // 112 Comments

Amy Winehouse posed nude to raise breast cancer awareness. How, exactly, I couldn’t even fathom because currently my brain is trying to punch its way out of my ear. I don’t know which is worse: this ad or the close up shots of Amy’s impetigo’d face. At this point, I’d rather look at secret option #3 otherwise known as a tomahawk entering my retina.

Thanks to Todd for the pic. Remind me to repay you in non-negotiable “I’m burning your goddamn house down while you sleep” dollars.

Photo: Easy Living Magazine

  1. john's girl

    Hey, at least you can’t see the impetigo from here.

    Or the crabs.

  2. Oh no!

    Please! Put the tape on my EYES!

  3. Oh no!

    Please! Put the tape on MY EYES!

  4. Iggie

    All one can say, really, is… GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

  5. crackass


  6. crackass


  7. BunnyButt

    Hmmm. Channeling Wendy O. Williams? We can only hope for the same end result.

  8. Paypal

    I hope she’s not planning to auction that guitar off on ebay.

  9. poop

    that is incredibly sexy

  10. Ebay

    left ones bigger! woohoooo

  11. tulgeyhat13


  12. Tim


  13. Kost2Kost

    I dont care what type of drugs she does here music is incredible. More musicians need to start doing more drugs like back in the day. Has anybody noticed that. When musicians did drugs they actually made some good music.

  14. arligt

    well I truly like these pics. she’s beautiful whenever she has more than 20 dollar worth of make-up / square inch on her face. (nah, she acctually is nice. don’t judge me now. please. I hate people with prejudices : / ) .

    just don’t get it why the celebs dont just GIVE SOME MONEY to the cancerfonds or such. like tyra banks – burning her bra together with someother hang-boobish chicks. (well, that acctually was succesfull though; anyone who has noticed that the breastcancer accutally is cured now.) way a go tyra. but all you other celebs; why ?

  15. Armenian Comedia

    Even cancer has too much class for Amy, she has nothing to worry about.

  16. TheHarshTruth

    post #13: I agree with what you are saying to a degree. Had a conversation about Amy Winehouse just yesterday with a friend, he said “the bitch is a fuckin’ fruitloop, but damn I love her voice”. I mentioned that she has the classic “bluesy jazz” voice, but also mentioned that signature “jazzy” voices like that come from hard drinkin, hard smokin, and hard dopin…..all of which the artists which made that special sound popular did plenty of back in the day. ;)

  17. She needs more duct tape
    Shit! My eyes are being raped
    Survey says: DONT WANT

  18. Randal

    This is a great cause that Amy is undressing for. Good for her because it’s a disease we should all support and home neither of us ever get.

    Kudo’s to you Amy for all youv’e done!


  19. Linda

    I like Amy’s soulful voice. She probably donated money to Breast Cancer Awareness as well as donated her time for this photo. I hope Amy kicks her drug habit for good so she can continue to entertain us with her beautiful voice, and do charity work.

  20. gotmilk?

    breast cancer awareness – doesn’t this bitch smoke cigarettes?

    somebody please kill Randal already.

  21. Tabitha

    My breasts use to look like Amy’s before I lost them to breast cancer. I really od miss my breasts. I could not afford reconstructive breast surgery. I hope a democrat gets elected for president because I believe they will provide improved health care and I will finally get my reconstructive breast surgery.

  22. Randal

    Great post Linda! Warm and thoughtful. Cancer research is certainly worth supporting and if we all take the time to do our part (I participated in the Terry Fox run), we’ll get that much closer to helping out those who need it the most.

  23. jesse

    What is it with all this music talk and cancer talk?

    We have a very serious matter here. Somewhere in the world, Amy Winehouse is naked, NAKED! This has got to be stopped.

    And just face it, you don’t like her voice, nor do you care about cancer. You just can’t face the reality that you will someday die from seeing that picture just like the rest of us.

  24. Ted Mosby

    No No No

  25. Spazz

    Call me when her 15 minutes are up please.

  26. moreofthesameoldsameold

    Yeah, she’s nasty, but I’m sure even she wouldn’t have sex with the dickless blogger that’s been writing all these lame, almost identical posts.

  27. Ugly Legs

    Sticks with flesh, ugly face, ugly voice but soooooooooo soulful (what the fuck does “soulful” mean to the masses anyway – that she sings like a negro?)
    Drug addict therefore a criminal, tasteless self indulgent piece of shit.

    I am very confused that people like her. Morons, there is a lot of very good music out there.

  28. Vas Deferens

    She’s got a nice, saggy pair of banana tits.

  29. Auntie Kryst

    Bah! #24, you beat me to the joke.

    @7 BB, I want the end for Amy to be the same as Wendy as well, but I disagree she’s channeling Wendy. If Wendy O Williams was alive today, she would show her support for breast cancer by driving a school bus through a wall of burning televisions. That woman was tough, she took craps bigger than Amy. Pardon the visual.

  30. lipper

    Randal and Linda need to get together at the next church social and bring shiny rainbow colored cup cakes and sprinkle everyone with love! Lud.

    *rolls eyes*

    I’m somewhat confused…. is that suppose to help raise funds for cancer or to help her contagious ass get quarantined? I know I’d donate for the latter.

  31. Jane Asher


    Soulful means expressing deep emotion.

    Amy’s body is proportional to her body. If she had bigger legs then she would look weird because the rest of her body is petite.

  32. Howard


    This is because you are use to looking at Internet porn and looking at chicks with implants lol!

  33. Alicia

    #13: Your point about how music was better when musicians did drugs is ridiculous. You make it sound like no musicians do drugs anymore. Uhhh…Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have made music and they do drugs. Does that make them any more talented? I’m sure you’d be hard-pressed to find a musician today who DOESN’T do drugs. And yet there are still untalented musicians and crappy songs.
    By the by, Sufjan Stevens doesn’t do drugs. He’s a hardcore Christian. Yet his album “Illinois” was the best rated album of 2005. Just saying.

  34. Somebody please explain to me how ugly untalented people keeping getting rich. I could have started my Easter weekend off just fine without seeing this much Amy!

  35. “It’s” is a contraction of “It is”, not a possessive as you’ve used it in this post…

  36. Hmm.. this could’ve been worse. But it’s still not that good.

  37. BunnyButt

    29, Auntie, while wearing tape ever so much better.

  38. LJ

    Not so bad….I mean they DID put her fugly head on someone else’s mediocre body!

  39. HuckyDucky


    You must be new here. This guy is almost always hilarious. The title alone “Good game, sight” is great.

  40. Ted from LA

    How can you people post here while Oprah and Celine Dion are having the most self-indulgent sickening love-fest/discussion in the history of planet?

    As for Amy’s tits, can you imagine how big they would be if she ate food and shit like that?

  41. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    31. Jane Asher – March 20, 2008 4:42 PM
    “Amy’s body is proportional to her body.”

    fuck, nothing gets by you, does it.

  42. BunnyButt

    Because, Ted, we try to ignore Oprah and Celine as much as possible for the sake of our sanity.

  43. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    Randal and Linda (either the same person or kissing cousins), Amy Crackhouse doing a fundraiser for cancer is like RKelly doing a fundraiser for Megan’s Law.

    Most of these asshats do it for the free publicity, doesn’t cost them a dime personally and they still get treated like mother fuckin teresa.

  44. BarelyStearn

    That reminds me: I have to shit myself.

  45. Sean

    All (obvious) jokes aside: I’m seeing a flat belly and nice legs.

  46. Tapeworm

    Hilton and Winehouse: proof that push-up bras really do work.

  47. titsonsnack

    I’m all winehouse’d out. Somebody call me when this bitch dies of the hiv.

  48. titsonsnack

    #45, yeah i guess you gotta give her something eh? That’s kind of like looking at the joseph merrick and seeing a nicely manicured left hand.

  49. Ted from LA

    I can picture you waking up Christmas morning, running to the livingroom and finding a huge pile of shit. You dig quickly through the pile exclaiming, “With all of this shit, there has to be pony in here somewhere.”

  50. Justin


    Paris Herpes is flat chested and Amy has boobs. But a push up bra on Amy will show some great cleavage!

    Amy has talent and Paris is famous for being rich and a skank.

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