Amy Smart beats up a guy, slips her nipple

May 2nd, 2008 // 115 Comments

Here’s Amy Smart on the set of Crank 2 beating up some guy with a mullet and throwing him into a car while her dress basically falls off. I could probably IMDB the premise of the film, but considering the first film (spoiler alert) ended with Jason Statham’s character falling out of a helicopter, killing a guy in mid-air, landing on a car and then bouncing onto the pavement, and is now alive and well for the sequel? Well, I think it’s safe to say the producers are going for realism here. I hear that at a few early screenings some people got confused and thought they were watching a documentary.

NOTE: Uncensored pics are NSFW for the obvious.


  1. Bill Clinton


    Amy you can bust my balls, and beat me to a pulp and stomp on me and my balls all you want.

    Hey Amy I’ll be in the wood shed, you can tie me up if you like just don’t tell hill.

  2. Is it just me, or can I see BOTH nips? Look closely…

  3. Me One


  4. That first picture in the third set makes it seem like she just smelled Amy Winehouse.

  5. deacon jones

    lol, man, pic 19 just gave me a flashback to my college days…
    “Here it comes, take it on your face baby…..”

  6. Slipping a nip is a great distraction when kicking a guys ass.

  7. She needs to meditate…

  8. Hey I am happy to see Corey Haim back in the movies. Amy Smart and Bai Ling are 2 of the leading ladies in Crank 2. I’ll I can say is I hate the hair at least it’s just for a movie. Bring back Haim! Season 2 of the Corey’s this June!!

  9. jackie

    im pretty sure you’re a god

  10. Dan

    That’s Corey Haim. Compare the tattoos to other pictures. They’re the same. That, or it’s someone playing Corey Haim.

  11. Dan

    That’s Corey Haim. Compare the tattoos to other pictures. They’re the same. That, or it’s someone playing Corey Haim.

  12. Matt

    this beats me. .. what NSFW stands for?

  13. Bill

    Bai Ling va Amy Smart hot catfight? If you look closely Amy is already bloodied and messed up prior to her above wrestling match, and according to a source, has a fairly nasty ripper of a catfight with Bai Ling to the death? Makes sense and in fact would be a dispointment if there wasn’t

    Apparently it’s a pretty hot and nasty little bitch Fight classic. Anybody heard anything?

    Speaking of catfight there was some weird short catfight scene in a Hotel loby towards the end of Crank 1.


    Who is this Amy Smart?
    I dont think that she is smart. Looks like a whitetrash drugaddict to me!!

  15. WOW… nice baby :)
    Amy is my like baby on TV

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