Amy Smart. Because I can.

April 23rd, 2009 // 68 Comments

I was about to post about Paris Hilton in this spot when I realized “Why do that when I could post this set of Amy Smart pics complete with butt shot?” It’s like I’m the stuff heroes are made of. But with a sexy nougat center.


  1. bakinmycake


  2. cman

    Thank You, I’ll take a make-up less Amy Smart over that asshole media-whore Perez and day!!

  3. asdf


  4. rahilio


  5. bakinmycake

    She too thinks that queers marrying queers is dumber than a football bat dumb.

    Why do queers always ask queer minded questions?

  6. ts

    They both have the herpes kicking.

  7. One'st

    it’s like, you have to refresh over and over again for hours, and if you won’t be first, even if you pause for a second. (pun intended)

  8. Beans Baxter

    Contrary to fact, you can motorboat her.

  9. Anna

    Um, seriously, this chick is the best thing you could find to post? She’s so “meh” leaning more towards the side of “ew”.

    At least by posting Paris you are doing the CDC a favor by helping them keep track of her whereabouts.

  10. Yes


  11. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  12. Amy Smart is usually smokin but these pics are a bit average. She probably just needs sunnies to hide the squintyness.

  13. pete

    Hey, not so quick with all the “butt shot” talk. I’m not sure we’ve disinfected our recent gay infestation yet. Their web filter programs probably detected that phrase and automatically linked them here, but then they said “eeeewwww, a girl” and returned to watching “Top Gun”. Just, you know, don’t anybody say anything about two sore anuses with a marriage license.

  14. g_girl

    WOW, the wonders make-up can do!
    Also, she’s FAT!!!! HAHAHAHA. Fattie.

  15. Phil

    Horrible ass. And she has linebacker shoulders.

  16. She is just the shell of her old self… a big fat shell filled with twinkies apparently.

  17. amanda

    who is she?

  18. k

    she looks like white trash.

  19. RSmelly

    I hope that angry communist Perez Hilton gets his ass LA SIDA. Why is a goddamn queer judging a beauty pagent? Homos hate women. They have a mental disorder because their parents failed. Before you jump all over me, I tell you that all humans are bisexual and I’ve got no problems about sex with men but I can’t stand these pansy felchers who are grossed out by sex with women. Go to Chelsea in NY and see all these grown-ass homos acting like little boys.

  20. Drunkman

    She needs A LOT more makeup.

  21. I don’t think she looks bad. A lot of people look different without makeup. Ever see Madonna without makeup? It is hard to have an airbrush look all the time. Give her a break.

  22. pol

    She looks like Gwenyth Paltrow, if Gwenyth got fat, shrunk 5 inches, and shoved her face into a grindstone.

  23. Tread Lightfoot

    Awesome ass. Im sure most of these losers on here who have criticized her look amazing and have perfect boyfriends. NOT! lol

  24. blackout

    I love that big ol’ nigger-esque ass

  25. baxi69

    I for one applaud The Superficial for posting a butt pic!! All paps should be required to snap and upload a coming and going shot of all the “famous” gals. Amy’s not the hottest thing to cross the Superficial page, but the butt shot made me stop, click, blow-up and checkout the curves. Nice work!

  26. lola

    Women shouldn’t HAVE to wear makeup all the time. She looks hot, but she needs to size up if she gained some weight. Those jeans are a size too small. Some over sized sunnies would have been cute

  27. Parker

    I could see her bent over, holding her ankles begging me to to buttfuck her. I can also see me obliging her desperate pleadings.

  28. dude

    AMEN!!! No photoshoot’s complete without one, that’s like a pie with no filling. Bet her ass tastes like nougat:)

  29. mikeock

    Amy Smart is completely underrated as a hot chick because she sort of looks like the cute chick you work with. That really shouldn’t be held against her. I’d take this girl over 80% of the dimbulb celebrities that fags at Superficial spend most of their time on.

  30. Lugh

    She looks awesome with makeup and really good without it, plus she’s got an amazing ass. What the fuck do YOU look like in the morning, eh?

  31. Funeral Guy

    Is this chick supposed to be hot? That and who the hell is she?

  32. Spooge

    Man she’s startin to look old.

  33. Darth

    The butt shot looks quite acceptable.

  34. Whos that? with the melted ice cream in those jeans? id still lick…a little, maybe!

  35. Wow! Look at that! A mule that walks on 2 legs!

  36. Wow! Look at that! A mule that walks on 2 legs!

  37. Insatiable Peter

    She has a grizzled countenance, but I would still part her sea.

  38. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Holy fucking shit she’s homely!!!! Goes to show that Hollywood make-up artists can polish ANY turd……

  39. Exterminator

    Thank You. I would rather watch gorillas have sex than see that farkin’ parasite…

  40. Sarah

    This is possibly your funniest caption yet.

  41. jenn

    i think she is a pretty lady.. come on men dont tell me you have a better look than hers.. then shut up dont waste your keyboards typing crap

  42. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Nice ass, but that top she’s wearing gives me dizzy spells.


  44. Samuel

    Wow! Ugly AND a fat ass.

  45. GZA

    Is she picking up her own dry cleaning? Either way, she just picked up my dong.

  46. Eliza

    i like her body but what is that on her lips? and i never understood why everyone thinks shes pretty shes more of a plain jane to me and these pics of her are even worse!

  47. Tom K

    Wow is that the chick from Road Trip. She is looking tired and used up.

  48. Scott

    “She looks awesome with makeup and really good without it, plus she’s got an amazing ass. What the fuck do YOU look like in the morning, eh?”

    Well, if you asked most of the fat housewives that blast the women on here, THEY’RE all perfect 10′s. Amy Smarts phenominal, and looks hotter than most with makeup, and looks hotter than most without- but because a few were posted without, the fatass fuck housewives association of america tells us how disgusting she is, and the asinine guys who would be the first in line to fuck her are spewing the same. Say what you want, you’d fuck her, whether youd admit it or not.

  49. I’d take her tempurature… rectally. Luckily, my junk doubles as a thermometer.

  50. Xtina

    She looks straight up nasty, get some make-up on!

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