Amy Poehler is pregnant: OMG, just like the movie!

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are having a baby. The irony? Amy is currently seen with Tina Fey in Baby Mama which debuted at #1 this weekend. Somewhere Christian Bale is saying, “No fair. I don’t get to be Batman.” But he’s lucky, because I’d kill him then steal his bat-suit. True story. Anyhow, People has the details on Amy’s uterus:

The Saturday Night Live regular, 36, and her husband, Will Arnett, are to become first-time parents, their rep Lewis Kay confirms to PEOPLE.
The baby is due in late fall.
The couple have been married since 2003.

First off, as a huge fan of both Upright Citizens Brigade and Arrested Development, heartfelt congrats to Amy and Will. That said, I fear for their child. I know some of you might be thinking, “Oh, they’re both so funny. Their kid will be hilarious!” But guess again. If Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are any indicator, celebrity children are usually the exact opposites of their parents meaning Will and Amy’s kid will be one unfunny little tyke. Or, in layman’s terms, Amy will give birth to Jimmy Fallon.

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