Amy Adams is a lady

March 17th, 2009 // 43 Comments

Here’s Amy Adams attending the screening of her new movie Sunshine Cleaning, and I had no idea she’s rocking a tight little figure. Usually it’s hidden underneath twenty layers of ball gown like in that Enchanted movie. Did anybody else see that? Uh, me neither. I was eating steak. With a crossbow. On an oil rig. Yeah, that stuff.

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  1. Que

    Que is good.

  2. Abby

    First. Nasty Ginger chicks! Blondes rule

  3. GuyHolly

    Redheads–good for fucking. Not so good for taking home to mom.

  4. Stuey

    Say what you want, Enchanted was a funny ass movie.

  5. glace neuf

    god, i’d hit this like nobody’s business

  6. Frank N Stein

    I’d like to check and see if the rug matches the curtains.

  7. jt

    it took you this long to figure out amy adams is hot. get on with it, man

  8. GG1000

    I for one appreciate not having seen every inch of a celebrity’s body! Kudos to her for keeping private stuff private!

  9. Billy Hickle

    alright, alright, alright. I LOVE those redheads…
    btw, watch charlie wilsons war again…..

  10. J

    Amy Adams: the Isla Fisher you can ‘get’.

  11. Hot and great actress

  12. SATAN

    she’s so fuckin sexy in talladega nights, no joke

  13. mramosster

    Of course she is hot. You should see her in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Not a movie any one her would like but find some stills. She used to work at a Hooters.

  14. DrunkenJules

    Amy Adams is fucking amazing. Too good to be on gossip sites. Let’s go back to talking about hot and not so hot messes!!

  15. greenbell

    She used to work at Hooters

  16. kenderkenobi

    I have no idea what european’s problems with “gingers”.

    They are often some of the best looking women on the planet; as evident right here.

    I’d tear that ass up.

  17. Gando

    Nice butt ! She looks very lady-like to me!

  18. Darth

    Who is she!? Where’s she!? And when can i hump her!?

  19. ItsFullOfPoop

    #2 Abby,blondes are all filthy whoress.

    Best looking celeb you’ve had on here in a long time.

  20. matt

    Easily one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. A true, classic beauty, not the usual ‘hot’ trash that feature on this site.

  21. bert

    Doesn’t she look a lot like Isla Fisher. The crazy chick from Wedding Crashers?!?

  22. She reminds me of Natasha Richardson…

  23. Erocks4

    ALSO SEE Amy Adams circa the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous– she plays a slutty cheerleader that not only dresses the part in skimpy outfits, but her actions and lines have a total sexual under(over)tone. Oh, her earlier days.

  24. timmy the dying boy

    Amy is a doll, and has the acting chops too. Watch her to rule Hollywood in the coming years.

    I agree, “Enchanted” was a riot.

  25. That Natasha Richardson story get me so angry…it seems getting a life is not all that is cracked up to be…so freakish

  26. haha

    So let me get this straight Fish,

    you’re turned off by women dressing feminine, but now that Amy’s dressed like a dude you’re all over her?

    She’s hot either way.

  27. ironic

    Rita Hayworth called, she wants her hair back. Alanis Morissette called too, she wants her clothes back.

  28. Balack Oboombox, the socialist pig piece of shit

    I’d fuck her. Thanks for the $13 in my check you pile of shit nigger Obama.

  29. y'all

    She’s waaaay to sexy for you bunch of assbags.

  30. Unklejoe

    I never heard of this broad, just like 90 percent of the other so called stars on this site, but i gotta say this bitch has got a nice ass

  31. Fred

    LMFAO #28

  32. linda

    She’s a beautiful woman.She’s so gorgeous. I love her. I saw her profile with photos and videos at ___ I also found her blog there.It’s said that she’s seeking for a rich man to be the BF ? Is that ture ???

  33. sin

    Never heard of her but she looks real nice. Not dressed like a slut or desperate for attention. Nice change of pace here.

  34. be sure: LADIES CAN BE LAID, folks!!

  35. Holly

    She looks a little like a young Ann Margaret in that last picture.

  36. Rita Hayworth called, she wants her hair back. Alanis Morissette called too, she wants her clothes back.

  37. She looks a little like a young Ann Margaret in that last picture.

  38. I never heard of this large, just like 90 percent of the other stars are called in this site, but I gotta say this bitch has got a nice ass.

  39. you are so beautiful.

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