Amy Winehouse’s Family Says Toxicology Report Came Back Clean For Drugs

August 23rd, 2011 // 53 Comments

So this is happening. Via BBC News:

Toxicology results have shown “no illegal substances” in Amy Winehouse’s system at the time of her death, according to her family.
They say tests indicate alcohol was present but it cannot yet be determined if it played a role in the singer’s death last month.
Winehouse’s family thanked police and added that they await the outcome of an inquest on 26 October.

I think there’s some crucial information we need to look at before I make note that the “report” claims no illegal drugs were in Amy’s system and point out that drug addicts will eat whatever drugs they can get their hands on because they’re drug addicts:

1. The source of this information is Amy’s family who tried to tried to say she was drug-free for three years before immediately handing out her clothes to fans to destroy any evidence. Also these are the same people who said she didn’t need rehab and kept shoving her into a studio to black out with a microphone in her mouth. “Metal popsicles,” she called them.

2. Scotland Yard hasn’t even seen since this report yet. But what do the bloddy bobbies know, ‘ey? Too right.

3. Amy’s family’s pet theory has always been that because she was free of drugs, she died of alcohol withdrawal. The report – according to them – says she had alcohol in her system, so let’s assume their new pet theory is bubonic plague. They’ve got a good feeling about this one.

4. The “report” claims no illegal drugs were in Amy’s system, so apparently her family thinks no one will remember drug addicts will eat whatever drugs they can get their hands on because they’re drug addicts. (I suck at spoilers.)

UPDATE: Surprise! Her family refuses to comment on the presence of prescription drugs now.

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  1. and whats next, OJ found Nicole’s real killer?

  2. Eyeliner poisoning, so watch your ass Johnny Depp.

  3. mel

    if there’s one thing i’ll miss most about amy winehouse, it’ll be her stunning beauty.

  4. bugman

    I’ve got news for the family: Prescription drugs ARE illegal if you don’t have a prescription for them!

  5. Paul

    It says no”illegal substance” there are plenty of legal prescriptions drugs that could have been at a high dose


    The HELL is wrong with her head in that photo? Was she a human-sized bobble-head?

  7. Venom

    Anyone buying this bullshit story?
    Raise your hand now.

    Yeah, I did not think so.

  8. S

    I fully believe she didn’t have any drugs, illegal or otherwise in her system, at the time of her death. But I still think the crack killed her. Even after a drug addict is clean and sober for years, the damage done by drugs doesn’t magically go away. I know someone who just had a heart attack at age 35; the doctor said it was because of his heavy drug use over 7 years ago, and it could happen again.

  9. welldoneson

    using a comma instead of a decimal point, and spamming this forum with ads, entitles you to a free case of canceraids which will be delivered when you’re not looking.

  10. welldoneson

    Hey, RIP and all that, but anyone who wears eyeliner like that and thinks she looks good has some serious issues. RIP etc.

  11. Sorry people i was a drug addict for many yrs and went to rehabs alcohol withdrawal kills people very easily

  12. Heroin withdrawal feels like ur dying but doesnt kill u. but detox from alcohol and benzos can easily kill u its y they closely monitor those people in detox and give them antiseizure meds

  13. dotmatrix

    Yes, nothing illegal. All there was was high levels of alcohol and 147 different sleeping pills, uppers, downers, antidepressants, painkillers and acid reflux medications.

    • skuddles

      Totally onboard with your theory but I’m curious why you mention acid reflux meds? I’ve been taking one a day for several years now and can’t conceive of anyone wanting to abuse it…

  14. forrest gump

    no doubt: SHE WAS A TRUE ANGEL.

  15. Amy Winehouse Toxicology Report
    Commented on this photo:

    No drugs? She must have OD’d while high on life.

  16. GG1000

    Oxycontin will kill you just as quickly as heroin, especially if you mix it with alcohol.

  17. Honest John

    Could be makeup poisoning !

  18. I bet she was clean at the time, which makes this even more sad.

    If you think its bullshit, well..there’s always a possibility, but, for your own piece of mind: ask a doctor about recovering addicts and long term systemic damage to the body they suffer and see what they say. People have figuratively dropped dead doing less than this woman did in her lifetime.

    Its sad, really.

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