Amy Winehouse is a Thing Again

For reasons I will never comprehend, the paparazzi followed Amy Winehouse to Brazil where she spent the weekend wandering the jungle because that’s not going to frighten the natives. How her tied-up body hasn’t washed up on the shores of England yet is beyond me. Then again, she’s probably immune to blowgun darts.


AMY: Oh, bloody hell, that felt good. Hit me again little savage man, mommy’ll rub-a-rub-a spear. Savvy?
HOTEL CLERK: Ma’am, I’m from Vermont, and we’re just trying to get in and clean the room. We’re sorry about the blowgun.
AMY: You speak the king’s, do ya? Me friend. Me need crack or great demon in head make friend go BOOM.
HOTEL CLERK: Ma’am, can you just confirm none of the structure is damaged?
AMY: I chewed a hole in the wall to sleep in, I did.
HOTEL CLERK: Goddammit.

Photos: INFdaily, Fame