Amy Winehouse is a Thing Again

January 10th, 2011 // 59 Comments

For reasons I will never comprehend, the paparazzi followed Amy Winehouse to Brazil where she spent the weekend wandering the jungle because that’s not going to frighten the natives. How her tied-up body hasn’t washed up on the shores of England yet is beyond me. Then again, she’s probably immune to blowgun darts.


AMY: Oh, bloody hell, that felt good. Hit me again little savage man, mommy’ll rub-a-rub-a spear. Savvy?
HOTEL CLERK: Ma’am, I’m from Vermont, and we’re just trying to get in and clean the room. We’re sorry about the blowgun.
AMY: You speak the king’s, do ya? Me friend. Me need crack or great demon in head make friend go BOOM.
HOTEL CLERK: Ma’am, can you just confirm none of the structure is damaged?
AMY: I chewed a hole in the wall to sleep in, I did.
HOTEL CLERK: Goddammit.

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  1. Would be nice if she did some songs again. Looks like she’s picked up some much needed weight.

    • Animal Control

      Where did she pick up the weight, in her crack pipe? She is a bird legged, ugly piece of shit with no talent. No matter what you tastless assholes think.
      What kind of taste in music do people like you have?

      • king gibson

        are you blind or did you not look at the other pics? she’s gained weight. if you can’t see that then you can’t preach to us and tell us what is attractive or what music sounds good because you’re obviously retarded.

        And another thing — you being a complete douche for no reason. Maybe you should see a therapist because it’s apparent you have some deep seeded issues.

      • @Animal Control..maybe you should go trap YOURSELF in your OWN goddamn net you fucking freak of nature. What fucking pics were YOU looking at, because I was looking at the pics where she’s GAINED WEIGHT.

        YOU may not like her, that’s your fucking buisness, I’m sure she doesn’t give a fuck just like I don’t give one. I LIKE her music and NO I DON’T have a problem with expressing that.

        You’re entitled to YOUR opinion just like I’m entitled to MINE..and if there is ANYONE that’s smelling of ass or a tastless one I truly believe it’s YOU.

        Oh and while you’re sitting over there on TALENTLESS ass, SHE’S laughing ALL the way to the bank so FUCK YOU, you crib lizard.

    • Jazz

      EXCUSE you BUT WHAT KIND OF TASTE IN MUSIC DO YOU HAVE? her songs are from the heart, sorry its not auto tuned or pop-y enough for ya

  2. Dani

    I hope you people don’t think Brazil’s still all jungle and native indians, though it used to be – FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. That’s just the garden of the hotel in Rio, where she’s staying.

    • If that’s a hotel, how to you explain that musk-ape in all the photos?

    • Animal Control

      Wow sure are lots of simpletons here! What does this drug addict have or offer that has you mental children so spellbound? Or is it “starstruck”?
      I pity you and my dying nation if someone as talentless and degenerate as this mockery remains famous. She is worth $50 millions while our scientists and engineers make how much?
      Too bad the Earth has been stolen by the loving rich and there is no place else to live to escape idiocy.

  3. bimbamboing

    She’d look very humble in these pics. *Picks a tear*

  4. Amy Winehouse
    Animal Control
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow! She has an ugly face, pot belly, horrendous tats, bird legs, and some of you think she looks “improved”?
    She can’t sing, no range or texture other than immitating a black woman.

    But then again, most people are not very bright or have any taste.

  5. Weeeeeed

    Wnt 2 suckle on ‘em jugsss

  6. Amy Winehouse
    king gibson
    Commented on this photo:

    MY GOD, she looks…HEALTHY!

  7. king gibson

    thank god she’s finally got some meat on them bones


    Amy Winehouse gets me all tingly in my pants.

  9. lightdragon

    looking at these pics ,I feel like chanting repeatly : Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu

    R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

  10. itsme.

    When did Amy Winehouse become Jack Sparrow?

  11. Internet

    The Island of Dr. Moreausenbergstein

  12. Gando

    Another revelation to make. *Opens Sixth Seal* Amy Winehouse is good for, modestly estimated, $40-50 million.

  13. i’d smash that and eat her ass…only because i have zero standards and no shame.

  14. Amy Winehouse
    Commented on this photo:

    Look at old pictures of her, retard, and then say she’s not improved.

  15. Mortimer Duke

    Still? With the ballet flats. Really?

  16. GravyLeg

    Great narrative on this one Fish… Had me rolling…

  17. GravyLeg

    You know the VD has gotten bad when she has to comb the rain forest looking for an undiscovered cure…

  18. parasonic

    How come I hear that obnoxious “Janice” laugh every time I see her face?

  19. Nero

    Yep she’s.

  20. Amy Winehouse
    still hit it
    Commented on this photo:

    im sorry …but jack daniels doesnt make enough whiskey to make that look good

  21. dork

    I will fuck her. I will fuck anything.

  22. Amy Winehouse
    Commented on this photo:


  23. How the fuck does this one hit wonder still gain any form of celebrity? Oh yeah she’s a complete train wreck. I forgot. Anyhow, I actually did here that on her concert tour she is performing some new songs. Not that I think she has any talent or any viable attractiveness to her. She’s a hideous recovering crack whore. Lovely. Just … Lovely.

  24. Jazz

    Fuck whoever wrote this, being an asshole for no reason to the EXTREMELY talented amywinehouse. and for everone else who wants to be an ass hole amy winehouse has been sober for a while now, maybe you should read up on shit stupid dicks, and if you dont care then DONT HATE!

    • Amy Winehouse had 1 song reach the top ten. 1. About her going to Rehab and refusing. THIS is your talented songstress …

      By the way, it’s my right to hate. It’s my right to poke fun and despise anyone I want. Are you a Nazi? Trying to take my civil libertys away? I don’t hate Amy Winehouse for the color of her skin, her gender, her race, her disability, her religious beliefs, or her political affiliations. I hate Amy Winehouse because, in my humble opinion, I think she’s a nasty crack addicted skank who looks like a busted heroin addict with teeth and fake breasts. I also hate her because she has no talent and acts like she is some avant guard creator of music when, in fact, she’s a studio whore like the rest of the current music industry.

  25. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  26. Amy Winehouse
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Painful to look at.

  27. How the Hell does one gain weight smoking crack? She must get the crack with extra butter.

  28. WhoCares

    Brazil is NOT a freaking jungle

  29. More like “The” Thing.

  30. Amy Winehouse
    Commented on this photo:

    Yay! She looks so much healthier! She also seems cognizant, which I find to be very reassuring… crack makes you appear soul-less.

  31. Amy Winehouse
    Jon Hex
    Commented on this photo:

    “Crikey! Ah think she spotted me!”

  32. wim

    she once was sperm, folks.

  33. Reggie Rhino

    13 pictures and not one nipple slip or whole boob hanging out? Man, that has to be a record for this bimbo!

  34. Colleen


  35. Vicky

    Man, have some respect for Brazil. We don’t live in jugles….
    And we gave u Adriana Lima.
    Say that again and we will that her back.

  36. That thing returns every month. Maybe we should start calling her Herpes from now on.

  37. mina

    brazil’s not a jungle your asshole!
    go fuck yourself!

  38. Back in Bach

    How did this person get so ugly and where is she from originally? She sings in one octave and terribly. She is rich? Why? What kind of people listen to this garbage?

  39. Amy Winehouse
    Commented on this photo:

    All of you say she’s gained weight but WTF about those pair of so called legs? Muther Fucker Pray-mantis legs. Oh remember ” Casino” where Joe Pesci smuggles diamonds in his wife’s hair and states ” I know there’s more!”. This Bitch could have a kilo of coke and no one would know.

  40. All of you say she’s gained weight but WTF about those pair of so called legs? Muther Fucker Pray-mantis legs. Oh remember ” Casino” where Joe Pesci smuggles diamonds in his wife’s hair and states ” I know there’s more!”. This Bitch could have a kilo of coke and no one would know.

  41. Amy Winehouse
    Commented on this photo:

    maybe just the chest tho

  42. Fabio

    you know, I don’t think paparazzi “followed her to Brazil”… I mean, we also have them here… we don’t live in the jungle FYI.

  43. Janeece

    We need a lot more inighsts like this!

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