Of Course We’re Going To Pretend Amy Winehouse Didn’t Die From Drugs

July 25th, 2011 // 153 Comments

For some reason, when celebrities die, the media likes to try and whitewash their death, most likely because their fans won’t hear a word about their beloved idol actually being a crazed drug addict even though they looked Amy Winehouse above almost every single time they’re photographed. Case in point: I actually caught shit from people for the pics I used on the post about her death. Because apparently I should’ve found shots of her looking sober using my time machine to travel back to the day she was born which lets not pretend wouldn’t have been a crapshoot. So, naturally, here’s People with a report that suggests Amy Winehouse simply died in her sleep. At age 27:

The five-time Grammy winner last spoke to her security team at 10 a.m. Saturday, telling them she was going to sleep. Rigor mortis had set in by the time she was found, suggesting she had been dead for several hours.
Sources tell Britain’s Sun newspaper that Winehouse, 27, had seen a doctor Friday night as part of a routine series of regular checkups, given her battle with addiction. The doctor saw nothing amiss.
Winehouse had been strong enough that same night to play a drum kit in her bedroom – so loud that neighbors complained.
Cause of death is not yet known; a toxicology report could take weeks to complete.
A police source tells PEOPLE there was no paraphernalia or sign of drugs in Winehouse’s Camden home, which became the scene of makeshift memorials following news of the troubled singer’s death.

Of course there were no signs of drugs when the police arrived to find a body that had been dead for several hours. Her security team found it first. Because I’m sure those people were told, “Hey, when Amy finally kicks it, make sure there are bags of illegal drugs all over the place. It’ll be great!” On top of that, even her own PR agent says she went on an insane bender – Read: Was Amy Winehouse. – which pretty much everyone associated with her is also saying. But, no, let’s pretend she simply died of natural causes at 27 and “not speak ill of the dead” by pointing out most drug addicts die of drug addiction. Just like we’re not supposed to point out driving 130 mph shit-faced drunk will fucking kill you because you like that person’s shit. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News


  1. Jon

    Is anyone actually sorry that she’s dead?

    • Dan

      I am … her voice was really great. It is too bad she got all messed up with drugs.

      I’m not surprised at all she died.

      • Dan

        OH and this not speak Ill of the dead when they made really stupid choices is dumb.

        You should learn from example. Taking drugs or driving 130 MPH drunk is a really bad idea that you can die of. There is nothing wrong with saying it.

    • Yoke

      I am. Personal demons aside, she was a great musician. And I’m sure her parents and friend are sorry she is dead.

      • unimpressed

        How was this one trick jackass a musician? She sung like a latter day black broad, which makes her a fake. She didn’t write or read real music. Her lyrics were very weak. She was a pig.
        I don’t pity her in the least. I wish I had her money. I would do something constructive rather than sate all my holes.

    • Cock Dr

      Yes. I wanted another album.

    • I am. Her voice was incredible and unique. Compare “Back to Black” to any other celebrity’s album that is on this site.

      Personal rant:

      Drug’s always start off with a bad decision but then can turn into addictions. The only decision people have left when they’re an addict is to fight the addiction – if they can even get there. It’s not a matter of saying “yes” or “no” to a drug. What little we saw of her personal life, it looks like she did try to fight it even though it may seem only half-hearted to us sober folk. We shouldn’t judge these people not for their addictions, but the fact that they made that first stupid decision to stick a needle in their arm, snort a line, or pop a pill for their pain or to “enhance their creativity”. At least no third parties died as a consequence of her problems.

      As for the Jack Ass guy or Nick Hogan, they weren’t addicts as much as irresponsible assholes with an invincibility complexes that got people killed. Who knows, maybe they are alcoholics, but it’s not like any of them saw the inside of a rehab facility.

    • Misana

      It made me sad.

    • PoorMaryKelly

      Yes,asshat, they are! It’s obvious why she died. We all know the “handlers” flushed or hid everything in the flat. No sense in sugarcoating it. She was a junkie. With that said, she was very talented and a person with a heart and soul. At her best she had one hell of a voice. It’s a big loss. Hopefully she now knows just how much she will be missed and was cared for.

    • i’m sorry and i didn’t even like her

      • It’s a long way from my kind of music, but my girlfriend listened to her, and even I can acknowledge that the girl had talent. It’s sad that what could have been a long and successful career (and inevitable slide into Vegas strip mediocrity) was cut short with only a couple albums to show for it.

        And yet, one less junkie in the world isn’t a bad trade off either. As a bonus, she gets the “27 club” instant ticket to immortality.

    • Venom

      Nope, she was given multiple opportunities in life and chose to squander them as well as her life.
      She even mocked it by making that rehab song.
      She died as expected, albeit she lived a lot longer than most people thought she would.

  2. The Unabeefer

    Bravo!!! You’re my hero.

  3. Snooki's Taint

    The problem is the coroner’s initial report (released in the past hour) says that speculation about drugs is wrong. Uh-oh. Fish might be wrong for the first time in his journalistic career.

    • No. Whatever the immediate cause of death was, the massive drug use that seemed to be part of her day-to-day life made that death much, much more likely.

      • Snooki's Taint

        Yes. read the fucking reports, rather than make things up, son.

      • Derp

        Hi Snooki’ Taint, here’s a little lesson for you. Try to keep up. I can’t draw pictures here.

        Initial reports mean nothing. By saying that it’s not “suspicious circumstances” and that the report is ultimately inconclusive, they’re simply ruling out foul play like murder. Nothing more.

        You know why it’s inconclusive? Because there isn’t enough visual evidence to determine a cause of death based on an initial report. Initial coroner reports typically don’t go much farther than visual analysis and very basic fluid testing. Toxicology, and other reports take time to come in. It’s not like you can SEE drugs in a persons system (outside half digested pills or something, but they’d still need testing for it to be “conclusive evidence”)

        Would you like a link to Websters dictionary defining inconclusive for you? While I’m at it, want the link to the term speculation, as well? How about the general procure and timelines of an average autopsy, including auxiliary reports like toxicology? I’m always down for educating the obvious less than intelligent folk.

        Get a clue, do some research and use some common sense before running your mouth, “Taint”. Saying that it was definitely a drug overdose (which to be fair to “it had to be said”, he never claimed), is just as silly as you speculating it’s not based on an inconclusive report. However, in their case at least they have leverage and back history to base their speculation off of, you just have a dry mouth from breathing out of it for too long.

    • LJ

      The coroner didn’t say the “speculation about drugs is wrong”. He said the the results were inconclusive until the tox reports some in. That only means that she didn’t choke to death on her own vomit.

    • Jkaren

      Um yeah…he’s not wrong.

  4. Any Guy

    SHOCKING death. just shocking. like when the sun comes out and there’s light and heat. SHOCKING.

  5. Pete Doherty

    Funny true story. I once asked Amy is she could spare any change, she reached in her pants and pulled out a handful of scabs and then we LAUGHED.

  6. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
    Commented on this photo:

    If only there had been some sign bursting forth to warn us she was in danger.

  7. adam

    Don’t judge too quickly. She (alledgedly) recently came out of rehab. Maybe she was so high on her new life she overdosed.

  8. Clarence Beeks

    I am sorry that she is dead. I enjoy her music, and was looking forward to more.

    If she did not die from an OD, then her body quit from years of drug abuse. So no matter what, she died because of drugs.

    • Do you really think she would have come out with more music? I’m not sure. It was 6 years since she last released an album, she just didn’t seem to be musically inclined anymore. Her identity was tied to her drug use and she would have had to completely re-invent herself, which I doubt she would have.

      I am sad she’s dead though, especially when she was truly talented and there’s useless fucktards like Tila Tequila and Courtney Love still kickin around.

      • Jack Ketch

        Add to that, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Heidi and Spencer, Jordan, Chris Brown, and let’s see … hmmmm, Kate Gosselin.

  9. Vivian

    People are funny like that, when we hear someone has died, all we fear is our own inminent death…so go ahead celebrate life either way you please:

    anything you choose, it means you’re alive, celebrate that.

  10. Cock Dr

    Someone who abuses insane amounts of drugs & alcohol on top of an eating disorder is at high risk for a cardiac event.
    She apparently went in her sleep; at least it was peaceful & private.

  11. Steelerchick

    Of course she died from drugs!!! Nuff said.

  12. Laffy

    There are so many things that aggravate me about this article. But this part “A police source tells PEOPLE there was no paraphernalia or sign of drugs in Winehouse’s Camden home” annoys me the most.

    1. It’s not like the police were doing their weekly death check at Amy’s home, so obviously somebody found her first and called the police.
    2. That somebody would either be Blake (her husband), her parents or her security team.
    3. Blake would clean up any drugs lying around if he was the one that found Amy dead as he wouldn’t want to potentially get put in prison for anything.
    4. Her parents would clean up anything because they wouldn’t want their precious daughter to be remembered as a drug addict.
    5. Her security team would clean up anything because they wouldn’t want to get put in prison for anything either.


    • MeAndMyCat

      Err, “Blake wouldn’t want to potentially get put in prison for anything…” That Crackhead IS IN prison….

  13. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
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    This is going to be my new wallpaper

  14. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
    Commented on this photo:

    Move: Pregnant rubber neck lizard splay

  15. Anon

    Fish, you will have my babies. I love you.

  16. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
    Commented on this photo:


  17. Coke Booger

    Of course there weren’t drugs found in her home. She snorted it all.

  18. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
    Commented on this photo:

    I bet she smells better now than when this photo was taken.

  19. Of course there were no drugs there…she did them all.

  20. FINGER

    *golf clap*

  21. Drundel


    All those idiots who want to only speak well of the dead are just that, idiots. The jackass guy was a prime example.

  22. JC

    If it turns out she had a toy car jammed up her ass, my mind will totally be blown.

  23. Richard McBeef

    I, for one, wholeheartedly don’t give a shit about Wino’s timely passing.

  24. watson

    why is her stomach so distended? Is this normal ? Couldnt she have payed to have it sucked out or something?

    My question is if you know drugs can fuck you over, just like they have every knucklehead who tried them before you, why do people still do it? You can google crackhead or methhead. Its like cigarettes. Just jump off a bridge while you are at it.

  25. Mike

    She died of the seksy. It’s true! Just look at the photos!

  26. Emo's must die

    Here music was terrible, and she was a wretched excuse for a human being. Too bad she didn’t take lady gaga with her.

    • andi

      I would rather have ten crackheads around, who don’t hurt anyone, but themselves, than arsewipes like you, who spew hate all over. You are a waste of oxygen, albeit crackhead oxygen! Yuck, you are a horrible person!

  27. Inmate 12236969

    Ok, ok, I’ve got an idea! The Gov-mint makes a TV commercial.

    A close up of a frying pan, then a close up of a arm holding an egg and a voice says, “THIS IS YOUR BRAIN.” Then the egg is cracked open and put into the frying pan and starts frying then the voice says, THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS.”

    Yep that will stop people from doing drugs I got this vision one time on an acid trip.

  28. edamame

    I feel terrible for her neighbors!
    They had to put up with her crazy, noisy, stinky ass while she was alive (not to mention the paps), but NOW…all those weepy memorializers who leave shit outside the building. Ugh.

  29. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
    Commented on this photo:

    Take some time to think about it….there is a mouth full of vomit just dying to spew out…but she chews it back down.

  30. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
    Commented on this photo:

    “Do you smell that? It smells like a crack fart.”

  31. Shockandawe

    She was talented, very talented; but Fish is speaking the truth. No good end comes from drug and alcohol abuse and hard living. Deepest sympathies to her family. She had so many celebrity BFFs, that you would think that one of them would take her ass to rehab and MAKE her stay until she got proper and lasting treatment. For them to be tweeting now is pointless. RIP, Amy.

  32. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
    Commented on this photo:

    The original Jersey Shore?

  33. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
    Commented on this photo:

    “The toilet! It broke in half. Oh my God! I can’t believe that came out of me. Here…I will give you this lottery ticket I found if you would go clean that. Don’t ask me where I found it.”

  34. low standards

    She was totally on my top 5 list of girls I had permission to bang if I ever got the chance. Looks like there’s a spot open now for Courtney Love. I hate myself.

    • Schmidtler

      Well then get out there and get at it before she gets cold – it’s not like she’s likely to say ‘no’ now, right?

  35. Donald Trump

    Who gives a shit about this woman? Am I supposed to care about her, when she couldn’t even care about herself?

    Later Amy! Say hello to Janice and Jimmy for me.

  36. Just a quick open letter to Russel Brand:

    Addiction is not a disease you fucking douche. Words mean things…you don’t get to redefine words because you don’t like the label you’ve earned for yourself. Addiction is addiction…no definition of it fits the term “disease”.

    Amy was a junkie, and YOU’RE a junkie…you’ll always be a junkie until you learn to take responsibility for your addiction. Calling it a disease makes it clear you’re not there yet.

    • LJ

      H-95.983 Drug Dependencies as Diseases
      The AMA
      1. endorses the proposition that drug dependencies, including alcoholism, are diseases and that their treatment is a legitimate part of medical practice, and
      2. encourages physicians, other health professionals, medical and other health related organizations, and government and other policymakers to become more well informed about drug dependencies, and to base their policies and activities on the recognition that drug dependencies are, in fact, diseases. (Res. 113, A-87)


      So STFU

      • kcarroll26

        Tell ‘em LJ!! :)

      • @ Schmidtler.


        Besides, I don’t even think the question is if it’s a disease or not, but what benefit does it truly serve thinking that it is or isn’t? I think we’re actually worse off thinking it’s a disease, because it removes us out of the equation and makes think that unless we have a special doctor or money to afford the ‘cure’(which is gonna cost thousands), we are doomed into a life of permanent addiction. Now addiction will become yet another issue of class warfare.

        Have you noticed that the more we *theoretically* know about our physiology, the less we take responsibility for ourselves? We now now more about why we’re fat, and yet what good has that done? We are fatter and lazier than ever.
        We now know why we’re alcoholics and that it’s not our ‘fault’, but we’re ot doing anything about it. We are slowly becoming a culture of victimhood and the only people reeping the benefits are the phamaceutical industry.

      • RichPort's Bloated Balls

        “gullible [ˈgʌləbəl]
        easily taken in or tricked
        gullibility n
        gullibly adv
        Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003
        gullible – A derivative of archaic gull, “dupe” or “simpleton.”
        See also related terms for simpleton.”

        Addiction is a disease, according to the folks who brought you leaches for blood letting, lobotomies, chemotherapy ( poison as medicine, who knew ), and ( intentional and ionizing ) gamma radiation exposure.

        Take responsibility for your decisions, and don’t make excuses for self-destructive behavior. I have a disease too, I can’t stop kicking the asses of arrogant pricks who hide behind pseudo-science like AMA jargon. That, and I have a really huge dick, …

      • LJ,

        like I said, redefining words to fit new politically correct (and insurance billable) meanings doesn’t impress me.

        If addiction is a disease, then stabbing yourself in the face is a disease too, not to mention car accidents and not wiping properly after you take a shit.

        Addiction is addiction…it’s a whole different thing all on its own. trying to destigmatize it by calling it a disease is insulting as all fuck out to people with actual diseases.

    • kcarroll26

      “Addiction is like most major diseases. Consider heart disease, the leading cause of death in the developed world. It’s partly due to genes and partly due to poor life style choices such as bad diet, lack of exercise, and smoking. The same is true for other common diseases like adult-onset diabetes. Many forms of cancers are due to a combination of genes and life style. But if your doctor said that you had diabetes or heart disease, you wouldn’t think you were bad person. You would think, “What can I do to overcome this disease?” That is how you should approach addiction.

      Addiction is not a weakness. The fact that addiction crosses all socio-economic boundaries confirms that addiction is a disease. People who don’t know about addiction will tell you that you just need to be stronger to control your use. But if that was true then only unsuccessful people or unmotivated people would have an addiction, and yet 10% of high-functioning executives have an addiction.” – Dr. Stephen Melemis, Ph.D., M.D.

      • erin

        just quit drugs. it’s free. I’ve seen it happen before! Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, Cigarettes, etc.

      • Jkaren

        LJ and kcarrol,
        Yeah..ok. Like a person making the choice to try Leukemia for the first time and gettin hooked. They lose their job, stop hanging out with their clean freinds and steal money just for more Leukemia. In my opinion, the factor that makes addiction not a disease is choice.

    • cc

      I officially owe you a beer.

      • Schmidtler

        call it whatever you want, but nobody decides to have cancer. Addicts decide to keep feeding their addictions. Ask a cancer patient sometime if there was something they could stop doing that would cure their cancer immediately, would they stop doing it, I bet they would, right away. Defining it as a ‘disease’ merely provides the legal prerequisites to forcing medical insurers to pay for treatment (which is a good thing) – it does not change the reality that the cure is in the addict’s hands every day. Addicts are not ‘victims’ of anything other than their continuing to make poor decisions.

    • andi

      Uhm…actually addiction is a disease. And there is nothing wrong with Russell Brand referring to his addiction as a disease, whatever you wanna call it, it kills, and until people like you get off your F&^%$ing high, self-righteous horses, it will remain a taboo issue, and more people will die. Please, sit yourself down with your ignorant, insensitive provebial…
      A young woman, somebody’s daughter has lost their life, to this horrible disease of addiction, and if you have nothing kind to say, then shut up!

      • watson

        I think of drug abuse as a deadly compulsion. I think people’s issue with calling it a disease is that no one has control over a disease like diabetes or cancer as others have said. People who do drugs like meth and crack cant say that they are not aware of the addictive nature of them. It is the 21st fucking century. There is a choice made initially to take them but once they make the choice, control over the drug habit is out of their hands because drugs are addictive (which is how I could see why ppl say u have no control). I was about to say it was more akin to mental illness but then again people dont sign up of schizophrenia or manic depression or even an addiction to pain medication. Alcoholism and drug abuse fall under destructive human tendencies to me. Idk it is hard to classify. They are unique disorders because people go to them, especially drugs. Drugs dont just manifest in people like tumors or blood clots.

      • RichPort's Bloated Balls


        Um, fuck you douche. Seriously, “if you have nothing kind to say”. Did you notice the name of the site is “the superficial”? Do you understand the significance of the term “schadenfreude”, because it is certainly relevant in this context?

        Refusing to believe the politically correct douchebaggery that calls addiction a disease is neither ignorant nor insensitive. Addiction is so dissimilar to accepted historical definitions of disease as to make my position reasonable, and certainly defensible.

        And, fuck you for using the phrase “there’s nothing wrong with Russell Brand, … ( mindless shit deleted )”.

        And, fuck you again for asking me to “shut up”, which is just plain rude.

  37. ET Phone Home

    Poor girl :(

  38. Ted

    She didn’t care if she lived or died so why should other people? No marriage, no kids, no tragedy. Not everybody wants to be very careful and try to live until you’re a shrunken vegetable in diaper, living off government benefits.

  39. RoboZombie

    You know what? This woman was a mean bitch! She said a lot of crappy stuff about people, especially other musicians, so don’t feel bad about talking sh*t about her after her death…I’m sure she did the same thing to other people after their deaths.

  40. Amy's Crack Dealer

    Damn, She was putting my kids through med-school.

  41. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
    Commented on this photo:

    Once again the perfect marriage material eludes me.

  42. I love the quote “The doctor saw nothing amiss.” Really? Was his medical opinion impaired by a contact high? Or was it Octomom’s fertility doctor just shipped overseas to start a new career?

  43. kcarroll26

    Has anyone seen, Conrad Murry, Michael Jackson’s doctor? Are we sure he wasn’t this so-called “doctor” who confirmed nothing was amiss?

  44. BanDit

    I think mental illness is the major cause of death. You can never do enough coke/weed/crack/heroin/X to make the ghosts go away. PS- Do you think she was Jeffreied when she sputtered out?? She should’ve stroked the furry wall man, that or had a life alert bracelet for crackheads…..

  45. cc

    ‘“The doctor saw nothing amiss.”

    apart from her being a 75 pound tattoo covered skeleton who already had early signs of emphysema…at 27!!!!!!

  46. NoRespect

    Regardless of your opinions about Amy Winehouse’s lifestyle choices, drug use, etc., it shows a true lack of class to disrespect someone who is dead.

    Karma is a bitch and you should think long and hard about what people will say about you when you are no longer on this earth.

    • HeyDude

      You are an absolute idiot.

      Do you cry when people make fun of Hitler you dumb cocksucker?

      • Schmidtler

        I don’t give a rat’s ass what people say about me after I’m dead- that’s the beauty of being dead, you’re feelings don’t get hurt by nonsense like what other people say. Did she become a better person by making herself dead through ridiculously poor lifestyle choices?
        And please, leave Hitler out of this – what did he ever do to you? I can hardly make it through an episode of ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ without tearing up!

      • Jesus (yes, that Jesus)

        It’s not like the dead will rise from the grave and send you straight to hell for disrespecting us…uh…except for that one time

    • people don’t magically deserve respect when they die. Suddenly changing how you talk about someone because they died doesn’t make you respectful, it makes you a hypocrite.

      • Jkaren

        Not if you didn’t talk shit about them when they were alive, like a legitimate fan. Just because you last three infected urethras obviously weren’t doesn’t give you the right to sit on your tired, beat down high horses and bad mouth those of us who were her fans and are sad (albeit not surprised) she died.

        I wasn’t too teary when Micheal kicked it. Hadn’t liked his stuff since Moonwallker. But when he went I kept my dirty mouth shut because maybe I have a sense humanity (we all going someday) and respect. Not for the dead but for living that suffer them. Save this shit for your facebook where people chose to read your dickheaded rants.

  47. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
    Dick Douche, Private Eye
    Commented on this photo:

    You know, there is an American Apparel “Chiffon Summer” ad just above my comment window, and the model there looks just as skinny as Amy in the picture above.
    I’m not trying to make any social commentary or anything, I’m just pointing it out. The real question is, which one is hotter?

  48. I(heart) TheSuperficial

    When you post things like this I can’t help but think “I love The Superficial!”
    Did Amy Winehouse have talent? Yes. Was is a waste on her? For sure.
    I agree that we should not “sugar coat” the circumstances regarding her death. She was a drug addict and died a drug addict and somewhere in there happened to have time to make some good music.

  49. meh

    Someone died; it’s time to say something really obvious that probably a million other people have already said!

  50. Amy Winehouse Drunk High Bikini Stage
    Commented on this photo:

    When this photo was originally released, I thought, “oh shit, she just died ON A PARK BENCH LIKE A HOMELESS PERSON… typical.”

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