So Amy Winehouse Died (1983 – 2011)

July 23rd, 2011 // 317 Comments

If only she’d given us some sort of sign, some sort of warning. Five years of perpetually looking she was walking on a waterbed just isn’t enough, goddammit! Via TMZ:

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment in London today … TMZ has confirmed.
A press release from the Metropolitan Police, which doesn’t specifically name Winehouse, says:
“Police were called by London Ambulance Service to an address in Camden Square NW1 shortly before 16.05hrs today, Saturday 23 July, following reports of a woman found deceased.
On arrival officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene.
Enquiries continue into the circumstances of the death. At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained.”

And by unexplained they mean, “Drugs. It’s gonna be drugs.” So, look, let’s not pretend Amy Winehouse dying is the surprising part as much as you never really know when this kind of shit is gonna eventually happen even with giant flashing arrows pointing directly at a coffin with her name on it from the exact second she became famous. (Although, there was always a chance she was going to Keith Richards it.) What is sad, is that out of all the current drug addicts: Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Courtney Love, Lady GaGa, Amy Winehouse was easily the most naturally talented, so of course, she cashed out at 27.

Rest in Peace, Wino. You had a set of pipes.

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  1. sherlyn


    • at least we don’t have to see photos of her weird misshapen body in bikini’s any more.

      • kimmykimkim

        …or those goddamn ballet flats. those things are fucking gross…

      • DeucePickle

        I think what you meant to say McFeely was, JJWFT

      • senpai

        mcfeely…too soon…?:-D
        even knowing how much she loved to destroy herself, i still thought this post was sarcastic….? i expected her to outlive all of us, like many junkies usually and inexplicably do… and i honestly thought doherty was gonna go first.
        i never liked u nor your music but anyway: rip, winehouse.

      • I wouldn’t count on that. I’m pretty sure Courtney Love has been dead since the late 90′s, but she still gets around.

      • Em

        well, we didn’t HAVE to look at those photos….. I really, really like her music, but I never saw a picture of her on a bikini actually… probably cause I dont really go on celebrity sites as often as I assume you do?? you can always choose the sites you visit, and you can always change the channel, it’s not like she was ever shoved in our faces bieber-style.

      • No shit… Is there anything in physiology that ISN’T totally fucked up?

    • MrsWrong

      DeucePickle FTW

    • PoorMaryKelly

      She’s out of this miserable place and I hope she’s miserable no more wherever she may be! RIP Amy. It’s sad what coulda been.

      • snack pack

        Yeah, PMK, I hear ya. Her early stuff seemed to have a lot of undertones of self-loathing. And that she had a desperate need for a man to save her. To me, anyway, it seemed that way and it is tragic that she couldn’t enjoy her talents and the success she deserved but couldn’t handle. But, we still have Shitney. How come no one has brought up Shitney?

  2. ManiacFive

    Hah! Nailed it Fish, Not surprising but when she was on form she was truly good.

    She dies and Lohan lives? that just bad form.

    • ManiacFive

      Although… look at all the press and air time Winehouse is getting right now… Someone call Lindsays people with an ‘Idea for great coverage’!

    • not bad form.just age.

      27 is the magic number for drug using celebs to die. There was this guy River Phoenix and I believe Courtney Love’s hubby Kurt Coban. So Lohan has about 3 years or so left.

      • Abby Normal

        Lindsay turned 25 on July 2. The 27 Club is primarily for drug users with talent, so Linds is safe although it’s possible her shoes might OD.

      • ok my bad. River phoenix was 23. so who knows.

      • Your Gynecologist

        I think Janis Joplin was 27 also…

      • Throjo

        Also Hendrix and Morrison.

      • vitobonespur

        Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Kurt Cobaine, and now Amy Winehouse…all dead by drug overdose at the age of 27. If I were Lohan (well, first of all, I’d be playing with my tits all the time) I would be giving SERIOUS thought to straightening out my life.

        River Phoenix only made it to 23.

      • vitobonespur

        That is, of course, assuming Amy O.D.’d.

      • TomFrank

        Didn’t Cobain shoot himself? I mean, with a shotgun, not a needle?

      • senpai

        yeah, tom, to be precise, he was fucking executed.
        no overdose whatsoever for cobain.

      • TomFrank

        Also I thought Hendrix choked on his own vomit, Jones died in a swimming pool, and Morrison never had an autopsy performed on him.

      • Mister Mojo Risin'

        I also never,… I mean, Morrison never had a public viewing. He could still be alive somewhere.

      • senpai

        aaaand brian jones was drowned by jagger cos he was outshining him :)

      • Deryn

        Cobain had taken a possibly-fatal amount of drugs when he died, in addition to the missing head parts. He really really wanted to get ‘er done. (I just learned this today!)

      • kimmykimkim

        Kurt Cobain committed suicide by putting a 12 gauge shotgun under his chin and pulling the trigger. There are conspiracy theorists out there that believe Courtney Love either drugged him and killed him or paid someone to do it. I wouldn’t put it past her. There are also theories as to why Kurt would’ve done such a thing. Some think his chronic stomach pains (for which he self-medicated with heroin) was actually Crone’s disease which was never diagnosed. This wasn’t found at autopsy so who knows really. It could’ve been chronic constipation due to heroin use. Some say that he was actually gay and in love with Michael Stipe and wanted a divorce from Courtney – which brings back THAT conspiracy. Shit, it could’ve been just having to live with that woman. I personally just think he was in a terrible state of despair brought on my chronic drug abuse, the pressures that come with fame, constant touring, not knowing who he could trust – just depression, self loathing and overall uncertainty about the direction of his life. Very very sad. They were my favorite band and luckily I got to see them live.

      • kate

        yeah, that guy river phoenix. and some dude called jimi hendrix, and some shmo named jim morrison. oh and let’s not forget that fellow, brian jones, and that broad, janis joplin.

        additionally, kurt cobain is a hell of a lot more than courtney love’s “hubby.” also, what the fuck are you doing using the word “hubby” ever?

    • uh


      • me

        I saw a conspiracy theory that Cobain was somehow onto the “bigger powers that be” and somebody was in the room with him. Unsolved Mysteries did a piece on that.

        I know y’all want to dog on Lindsay, but I think she is a very very talented actress. Her problem is that she comes across very very full of HERSELF.

  3. qwerty

    Well at least the timing was good?

  4. Tank1856

    What a shame :(

  5. stratacat

    I went as her for Halloween one year. RIP. :(

  6. Condi Rice

    I don’t think anybody could have imagined that terrorists would hijack Amy Winehouse and fly her into buildings. Wait, rewind the tape, I want to do that again.

  7. VV

    Well said, dude.

  8. T

    And another member joins the 27 Club.

  9. Glenn Q.

    The most important question is, was she (giggity) naked when they found her? Giggity!

  10. Jesse James

    What a waste, she checked out before I could bang her.

  11. Lindsay

    Well, they tried to get her to go to rehab, she kept saying no, no, no constantly. Poor thing :( RIP

  12. Alixia

    Amy and Lindsay have been on my ‘Can’t believe they’re still alive’ list for a long time. Gutted that it was Amy who went first.

    • senpai

      why isnt anybody making pam anderson’s name while talking about this subject!? and what about charlie motherfucking sheen!?

  13. Grand Dragon

    Now the “previously unreleased tracks” cash grab begins.

  14. Amy Winehouse Dead Died RIP
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d still hit that. Yes, I know she’s dead, so what, she’s still fresh!

  15. Grand Dragon

    At least I won $20 in my friend’s Dead Pool!

    • MrsWrong

      I wish this site had one of those, we’d be SOOO good at it. And maybe a chat room(is that what the kids are calling it these days?)

  16. The vast amount of media responses including words like: Shocking, surprising, unexpected, stunning…all lead me to believe they don’t know what these words mean.

    All I know for sure, is Amy just rocketed my 2011 deadpool into FIRST PLACE!!! 73 points FTW!!!

  17. kimmykimkim

    Good thing I wasn’t a fan and found her to be extremely boring and overrated or else I’d probably be sad. Actually, I am a little sad it wasn’t Lindsay Lohan. Too bad for Amy’s family though. Oh well, Amy, tell Kurt I said Hi…

    • That Bastard Tony

      Don’t feel too bad. Deaths of celebrities over the last few years have only meant that either the drugs have gotten stronger or people’s resistance to them have gotten weaker. How else do you explain Keith Richards and Mick Jagger being alive.

      With that said, I suspect Lindsey will be gone within the next 2 years.

      • BE

        It’s not drugs and it’s not resistance. And from a medical perspective it’s also not very surprising that addicts die around that time. Their demise depends upon what organs are weaker combined with their drug of choice. Ever wonder why some long term druggie talent survives to have multiple liver transplants and so many pop off at 27?

        If you look at this graph (pulled at random – I neither endorse or have read the rest of the content – I just pulled the HGH graph from the first source I found).
        Note where(HEY AROUND 25-27!!!) there’s a drastic decline in HGH. Which basically means if your a coke hound with an average to weak heart your body’s ability to repair all the damage you’ve done to it just dropped by 80 percent. So surprise, you die young.

        What do we learn from this: Charlie Sheen has the heart of an ox.

        As for the murdered, drowned or accidental death. Well hey, if I spend my time around a bunch of addicts (birds of a feather…) – they’re not known for making great choices when they’re high.


      • kimmykimkim

        I have NO IDEA how to explain Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. They could possibly be government robots – yeah, that’s logical. I’m gonna go with that.

    • Jovy

      kimmy pretty much said what all of us were thinking. Should have been Lohan, just sayin.

  18. princessjmee

    RIP Amy.

  19. Johnny D.

    Isn’t there some type of Freaky Friday spell that can magically switch Lindsay Lohan with Amy?

  20. XFX

    “You had a set of pipes”

    You mean crack pipes, right?

  21. Amy Winehouse Dead Died RIP
    Commented on this photo:


  22. kimmykimkim

    Fish, Lady Gaga has admitted to doing cocaine in the past and has admitted that “The Fame” was basically written on coke. But she doesn’t do it anymore (at least not like she used to) because there is no way she would be able to be coked up and do what she does. All you’ve gotta do is compare one of Winehouse’s last performances to one of Gaga’s recent performances and you would know that she is no longer a coke addict. Weed? Fuck yeah she smokes weed. She admitted that to Anderson Cooper straight up. But when you know what cocaine abuse does to people, you would know that she is not currently doing cocaine on a regular basis. But as I’ve said before I know you hate her and she’s easy to make fun of and that’s all good and well so,…carry on then, carry on. (yeah I’m thinking of Fig Newtons! So what? :o)..)

    • very difficult to get off of coke or even heron. if she smokes weed she either still does coke or will eventually go back to it.

      • Pete Doherty

        Heron? I knew she was into drugs but I never would have imagined she was also using coastal birds. That is so fucked up!

      • vitobonespur

        They’re a motherfucker to keep lit.

      • I mean heroin. forgot the i. but with Gaga I wouldn’t be surprised if she did smoke herons.

      • TomFrank

        I thought it was Björk who smoked herons. Y’know, after wearing them.

      • kimmykimkim

        Lightdragon: ur right it is difficult. I’ve been off coke n heroin for 13 years now. I DO smoke but I would personally never go back to either coke or heroin because I know exactly what kind of damage it does. I’ve seen and lived the marked difference between being a coke head and a junkie and not. I prefer the “not.”
        Senpai and Mike Walker: I’ve personally never heard either of those things (about Linda or a crack den.) I’ll have to look that up. Also, I do see what you are saying regarding her younger fans perhaps thinking drugs are cool, but I’ve heard interviews of her saying that she does not condone it – however I am smart enough to know that words are just words. I personally don’t focus on the tabloid rumors about her. As a musician myself, I focus on the production of her music, her voice and her songwriting style and technique. I researched Winehouse many years ago and I personally didn’t find her appealing. Agree to disagree.

    • senpai

      i think u r right kimmy, and i think the truth is much more pernicious than that… not only she doesnt do cocaine, but the is promoting it. someone as famous ad her telling the whole world, including all her teenage underage listeners, which drugs is she taking and talking candidly about itm thinking she is cool and edgy and open and free…is like telling them go ahed, it is cool, it will bring out THE ARTIST IN YOU…. gaga is and always will be satan’s child, she IS evil, even if her songs talk about equality and laaaav and such horseshit, she IS subliminally and also not so subliminally a fucking evil fame monster; and i will also tell u that yeah, i believe her “friend” linda didnt fall off that balcony by herself…
      what a coincidence that she then presented herself using her style, copying her aesthetics…
      i hope she dies and rots in hell like she fucking deserves, i got much more respect for winhouse!

    • Ed

      I suppose you’ve never heard the term “high-functioning addict.”

    • Mike Walker

      Everything about Gaga is bullshit. She claimed she lived in a crack den.

  23. Grand Dragon

    Who in “27 Club” would you guys rather bone:

    Janice Joplin or Amy Winehouse (with implants)

    • I hate to admit to this but Amy. just saw pics of Janis. hell i would choose Amy without implants over Janis.

      the things Amy Whinehouse does to get me to admit she was doable.

  24. Pete Doherty

    You’ll be glad to learn that her death will not delay the scheduled release of Amy’s signature fragrance, “Sour Sweat.”

  25. Holland

    Massively talented

    What a waste

    RIP Amy

  26. Oh Snap

    All I can think about is her song Rehab.

  27. TVisme

    Ohh, Amy – so talented, so tormented, so sad ….. RIP

  28. Rough getting roasted in nyc heat

    That’s too bad. You were brave Amy. You challenged life and you did not submit. R.I.P.

  29. Chelsie

    All the* current drug addicts. Not “the all current drug addicts”.


  30. Joker

    Co-sign. Not a good world when a talent like Amy dies, and a hack like GaGa is still rambling like an imbecile

  31. Amy Winehouse Dead Died RIP
    Commented on this photo:

    Omg! Those damn shoes she is wearing them in every damn picture, Theres even blood on one of the pictures where she got beat up.

  32. It’s always sad when someone dies, reminds us of our own mortality. She was talented but like all people today she was weak minded. Tit implants because everyone told her too, drugs because they told her too. Now she’s dead. Meh.

    • When you climb down from the perch of smug superiority you’ve parked yourself on, let me be the first to kick you in the cunt. What’s really sad is that some people, although massively talented like Winehouse was, still feel like shit inside. Sometimes it’s because of how they look – or think they look – and those perceived shortcomings end up destroying them one way or the other. Women often get implants because they have a poor self image – primarily because society tells them from the time they’re pre-pubescent that they’re inadequate unless they have a certain size rack. Same pressures with eating disorders. Good luck resisting that.- some people, like Winehouse, don’t have that good fortune.

      She had substance and alcohol abuse problems and wouldn’t feed herself properly, and exactly what motivated her to self-destruct is pure speculation on anyone’s part who wasn’t her counselor or therapist, but to term those as a result of “all people today” being “weak minded” tells me you desperately need some more time with your e-meter, since it’s obvious you think that’s the way to deal with all of life’s problems.

      • I was born on this perch. Basically, all you’ve said proves my point. Society told her what to think, what to feel and what to do. That didn’t sit right with her thus it manifested as these problems. Yes, she was ‘weak-minded’ because she listened to what society told her. What’s an ‘e-meter’, some kind of bizarre American thing? Regardless, my point stands, in fact you helped me prove it.

      • vitobonespur

        Really well said. Except for the part “kick you in the cunt”. That should be phrased “kick you in the cunt for a while”.

        To the rest of the gang: You’re all correct, I’m wrong about the causes of death for Kurt Cobaine and Brian Jones. Obviously my shoulders were slammed up against my rectum…

      • Horny Moose

        If ur psychologically addicted to a drug (or food), and ur harming yourself or others around u and u “can’t” stop, then yes ur weak minded. It doesn’t matter wut problems u have in your life, being able to deal with your problems without relying on something else (whether it is a substance or a hobby) is living your life without being weak minded. Many people are weak minded and many aren’t.

    • Artofwar

      ….Actually (vitobonespur) and (justtifiable) you are both not being specific enough. The verbiage should have expressed– “kick you in the cunt quite brutally, quite frequently, and quite to death”….Artofwar

      • Bow Chica etc etc, you really need to take that tree branch out of your arse and keep up with things. I would’ve said you had to be living under a rock to have missed the great Tom Cruise debacle in which he declared all mental health problems can be solved through vitamins and that psychology is a dangeros pseudo-science, but being born in a tree because your ancestors refused to evolve explains it just as well.

        While I can see you’re not familiar with “e-meters” (as well as many other words that begin with an “e”, like “empathy”) I referenced them because Scientologists, just like you, KNOW for a fact that all you need to rise above any problems or adversity in your life is to just get tough and get over it, which is why Cruise attacked Brooke Shields for using Paxil for post-partum depression. Generally that sort of “strong-mindedness” comes from paying out loads of dough to get a “clear” reading, but as we’ve just seen from your posts, it can also come from massive ignorance and a cranial-rectal inversion of stunning proportions.

        I do hope that the next time a relative of someone you know commits suicide, or else dies as a direct result of not living their life in the strong-minded way you live yours, you’ll be right at the front of the line to share your observations regarding their “weakness” with the family. That way I’ll be spared the effort of kicking you to death in the cunt. Please be strong-minded enough to withstand the attitudes and physical correction they’ll has in store for you, just like everyone else needs to do with the rest of society.

      • BE

        Simple equation folks: Addictive behavior + near infinite amount of money for drugs = DEATH

        The judge that pulled Charlie Sheen’s residuals for benefit of his offspring probably saved his life. Want to guess if his “godesses” are still around?

      • You guys seem overly obsessed with female genitalia! o.o

    • cheese

      I don’t see “smug superiority”, just a generally blase attitude. While the words “weak-minded” must have struck a chord with justifiable, they don’t deserve cunt-kicking. And who’s to say, really?

      • They don’t, personally, because luckily I don’t have any problems with substanceand alcohol abuse (nor am I, unfortunately, a 5 time Grammy winner). But I know, and am related to, plenty of people who do have that problem – and I can tell you that ascribing a lack of mental illness or chemical addicton solely to being “strong minded” is a wonderfully condescending way to feel superior about something that is often is a genetic and/or environmental crapshoot. If you need to go around tsk-tsking and patting youself on the back because nothing like that would never happen to YOU because you’re so goddamn perfect anf special, chances are you know deep down you ain’t all that. Just pray that no one ever gives you a shitload of money and no limits so you don’t ever have to be tempted to fuck up.

      • Blech

        There’s a difference between abusing drugs/alcohol because your life and the world is shit… versus abusing drugs/alcohol via social pressure. Most celebrities, if not all, use and abuse and get tit implants because of the pressure. They could have everything they want, everything they need, and still MAKE THE CHOICE to smoke a line in order to feel socially accepted.

        HUGE, huge difference.

      • spiffie

        >Just pray that no one ever gives you a shitload of money and no limits so you don’t ever have to be tempted to fuck up.

        Ya know, Bill Gates has tons more money than any of these people and work pressures (being a CEO is a lot harder than singing, I’d think). Yet he’s not a trainwreck and is currently off solving real world problems and saving lives. Seriously, FUCK all these entertainment-industry clowns with their tons of money and their retarded monkey-brains that can’t figure out anything useful to do with it.

      • Blech

        Thank you, spiffie.

      • Ooooh, let me know when Bill Gates’ next concert tour is, OK?
        Thing is, there’s a fuckload of difference between writing code and writing a song, and not everyone’s creative wellspring is the same. If you think you can seriously compare Bill Gates to Brian Wilson then you know fuck-all about music, art or anything else that requires a deep creative impulse. Sure, you might have money from a first album, and that money will buy you just about “everything you want, and everything you need” – except inspiration to write the next one. Artists create, and it involves emotion – it’s not something you just sit down and crank out. Some use for various reasons – but it’s usually because they feel it helps them be creative – but the trap is that they find they’re afraid to stop for fear the well will run dry. You’re only as good as your last hit, and that fear of not being able to produce anything meaningful is huge – and frightening.

  33. Eddie

    “They try to make me go to reeehab, but I OD, D, D!”

  34. Carla V.

    Damn. I too thought she was going to Keith Richards it.

  35. Pete Doherty

    The lesson in this story is that it’s a good idea to get your kids hooked on drugs at the earliest age possible so they have time to build up their tolerance before becoming adults.

  36. Lola

    Very sad – R.I.P.

  37. Senior Pepe

    I’ll take a day off from my snarky remarks for this…

    First time I saw her was on Letterman, she was way on top of her game. Couldn’t help but think that her talent was God-given. That voice and her delivery was amazing. Then started the skid, and it was painful to watch.

    God rest your troubled soul, you goofy-haired girl…
    I think Jimi wants to buy you the next round.

  38. DeucePickle

    I think Peter Griffin said it best, “I can’t help but think that this is somehow Meg’s fault”.

  39. Lola

    R.I.P. I loved you…..

  40. Cock Dr

    Godammit. She had talent…and apparently no sense of moderation in anything.

  41. Kamrynne

    I was not a fan,however she had a unique voice all of her own..
    R.I.P. Amy…

  42. Dude

    She wasn’t that good. She had a deep voice and ripped off Billie Holiday. Whoopee. She was about as talented as Justin Bieber. Her claim to fame was being an ugly, doped up, trainwreck. It is sad that she didn’t use her wealth to clean herself up, but please don’t canonize her. The winners of American Idol have more talent than she ever did. You want to listen to a British bird with real and unique singing talent, look up Florence + The Machine.

  43. kanyeisgayfish

    She died doing what she loved , drugs !! Hell life will kill you ! Drugs will just ease the pain.

  44. Reginald

    Holy Bleedin’ Jezus! You mean that thing was ALIVE?

    Wow. I’d have never guessed THAT one.

  45. Amy Winehouse Dead Died RIP
    Commented on this photo:

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  46. Zombie Amy Winehouse

    They wanted me to go to rehab but I said BRAINSSS!

  47. Amy Winehouse Dead Died RIP
    elaine benes
    Commented on this photo:

    She probably should have gone to rehab…

  48. Amy Winehouse Dead Died RIP
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I can’t believe I’m actually gonna miss those AWFUL tattoos & ratty ballet slippers.
    She really meant it when she sang about not going to rehab.

  49. scott

    no great loss

  50. Charon



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