Amy Schumer Will Still Take Selfies With You If You’re Not A Dick

Because you probably had shit to do this weekend like being invited to social gatherings because you’re not a pinko Commie recluse who makes a living posting titty photos to the Internet, there’s a chance you missed Amy Schumer putting a dude on blast and vowing to never take photos with fans after this asshole went off on her. So here’s that:

While you’ll never hear me argue that dealing with this bullshit isn’t the price of being a celebrity, maybe a black dude in the south shouldn’t be so quick to pull the “I paid for you like propahtay” card. Just throwing that out there. Anyway, since then, Amy Schumer has chilled and will still pose for selfies because that’s where we’re at as a society. Taking 8,000 pictures of ourselves next to random objects, and then farting them into a cloud where we’ll never look at them again.

Also, apparently we’re tweeting screencaps of iPhone notes now? This is how Planet of The Apes got started.

“Quick, shoot that monkey!”
“Hold on, I’m taking a picture of words that are too long for this word machine that only wants shorter word- aw, fuck, we’re being stabbed aren’t we? Hashtag Mondays.”

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