Amy Schumer Isn’t ‘Plus Size,’ Knock That Shit Off

If you haven’t heard by now, Amy Schumer lit Glamour’s ass on fire yesterday after they put her on a list of “plus sized” women who “inspire” them. And without even telling her. Via Instagram:

Granted, I know nothing about women’s clothes size, let alone how their bodies work in general, but I did spend my early years on this site writing stupid, juvenile shit about their weight – which you’re free to Google and haunt me with – so I feel pretty confident saying Amy Schumer is definitely not plus sized. (On top of that, if Kim Kardashian had a pouch like a kangaroo, and I’m positive she does, Amy would easily fit inside. So, boom, put a little science on it for you.) But if we really have to put a label on Amy Schumer’s body type, I’d probably go with “normal with big ol’ titties.” Which is honestly a label I think the media should use more often. It’s 2016. It’s 2016.

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Photo: Instagram

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