It’s Amy Schumer Kurt Metzger Rape Apologist SEO Time

Yesterday, writer/comedian Kurt Metzger went on a social media tirade, which he claims wasn’t meant to shame rape accusers, but sure as shit shamed the shit out of rape accusers. (He was reportedly mad about Reductress going to fucking town on rape culture, so make of that what you will.) The rub is that Metzger is/was a writer for Inside Amy Schumer, which prompted people to light up Amy on Twitter asking how the hell this guy works for her, and in the spirit of standing up for women, she blocked the shit out of everyone? But eventually she responded with this:

And then a few hours later with this:

And then all hell broke out with this:

At this point, it should be noted that Metzger claims he told Amy Schumer to say all of this because he’s sick of only being identified as a writer for the show. Apparently, he prefers his other claim to fame as asshole with a history of harassing women online who Amy Schumer somehow still hired for her pro-feminist show. Who knows? Certainly not me because, just kidding, Inside Amy Schumer isn’t cancelled and Kurt Metzger might even still write for it. P.S. Buy Amy’s book!

Everyone completely lost? Perfect.

So now’s the part when I should mention that Photo Boy has listened to Kurt Metzger’s podcast for years, and according to Kurt Metzger, Kurt Metzger is actually a great guy who didn’t do any of the stuff that everyone says he did. So guess who’ll be attending a workshop on mansplaining later and by workshop I mean never talking about this subject again as a wedge drives deeper and deeper between us until the shame of what we do for a living kills us both. (We have fun.)

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