Amy Schumer Advocates For Gun Control, This Should Go Over Well

Just so the tone of this post isn’t misconstrued, let me be crystal clear that Amy Schumer did the right thing in response to the Lafayette theater shooting during a showing of Trainwreck that left three people dead and nine injured. She could’ve just as easily expressed sympathy for the victims and gone her way. Instead, she did absolutely everything in her power by enlisting her cousin Senator Chuck Schumer and making an impassioned public plea for gun safety laws that actually work and funding for mental health initiatives. Unless she can somehow obtain superpowers and single-handedly stop gun violence herself, this is the exact most Amy Schumer could’ve done. Which is admirable because as savvy as she is, she has to know that it will solve absolutely nothing. Already, Breitbart has seized on the opportunity to label gun control as part of the feminist agenda which is extra cute considering the Lafayette theater shooter was a nutball who dedicated his life to battling the dangers of feminism. Christ, dudes are already threatened by female Ghostbusters, so I can’t imagine how they’ll react to finding out girls are coming for their precious metal dicks. But, again, I admire Amy Schumer for still putting herself out there knowing full well just typing her name sends people into a froth about how fat and unfunny she is and that no fundamental change will ever come about because America is irreparably fucked. At least until somebody shoots a hitchhiking robot riding a lion. That’s when we’ll take a good, hard look at ourselves. That’s when the change happens.

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