Amy Schumer Pissed Off The Beyhive Then Got Topless To Gloat About It

When we last left Amy Schumer, she pissed off Trump voters in Tampa by having the nerve to crack jokes about the election during the election season. What a bitch. However, all the angry man-children who got their MAGA panties in a twist over it are probably going to love this latest development or hate that they even know anything about it like I do. It’s a toss-up.

On Friday, Amy Schumer released a Formation parody video on TIDAL, which right off the bat should be the most important piece of information here considering Jay Z fucking owns TIDAL. So there’s no way in hell this thing made it on there without Beyonce’s team’s signing off. And if you’re familiar with their work, you’d know they love to censor shit. So knowing all of this, you’d think the internet wouldn’t lose its shit.

The internet lost its shit.

Despite the fact that, again, the video premiered on TIDAL and has goddamn Wanda Sykes in it, the hashtag #AmySchumerGottaGoParty started trending on Twitter where it became an incoherent tornado of Beyhive members and opportunistic alt-right shit-eggs accusing Amy Schumer of being racist because Twitter is dumb. Even though the simpler criticism here would’ve been, “Wow, what a stupid, unfunny vanity project,” and then we all go about our lives focusing on the real issues of our time like whether or not Westworld is really just a show about how Jonathan Nolan’s wife plays Grand Theft Auto better than everyone else. (I will fucking poop an elephant.)

Anyway, Amy Schumer has since addressed the controversy with all the genius and tact you’ve come to expect from her. And by that I mean, she posed topless on Instagram and basically said, “U mad bro?” because God is dead and the internet is our punishment for killing him. Login to Hell, bitches.

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Photo: YouTube