Amy Schumer Defends Bill Cosby In The Court of Public Opinion

Because I need to put some space between Duggar posts for my sanity, and I dunno, maybe yours, here’s Amy Schumer defending Bill Cosby in the “Court of Public Opinion” and basically nailing why people have been freakishly chill about a man allegedly drugging and raping over 40 women. Granted, it’s nowhere near as awesome as her football rape sketch, it made a shitload of headlines this morning about Bill Cosby raping people, so people can remember that in between all the child molesting. We live in a golden age.

And for kicks, here’s Amy Schumer shitting all over self-righteous animal lovers who if I’m being honest, I probably hate just as much as pedophiles and rapists. I joke a lot about never getting laid, but I once turned down sex with a woman because her apartment was overrun by dogs. My penis could’ve gone into a vagina, but instead I went, “Does she not have a vacuum? What’s happening here?” And that’s the story of why I’ll die alone. The End.

Photo: YouTube