Amy Lee Summers Obviously Hates the Wintertime


Christian Bale is getting fat so that he can play Dick Cheney in a movie… and he’s doing a good job. [TMZ]

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A man actually burned at¬†Burning Man… [WWTDD]

Lord Scott Disick was involuntarily hospitalized and kept on 5150 hold because he is a Disick-Head. [PageSix]

The Church of Scientology has finally backed down and allowed Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx to make their relationship “gossip column official”. [Dlisted]

I’m blown away that people give a shit about how Johnny Depp’s Caribbean house will fare through Hurricane Irma… [Wonderwall]

Oh… Will Smith is still making music… Um… It’s… It’s uhhh… [BreatheHeavy]

Here’s what happens why a high horse riding, troll doll collecting cat lady tries to get snarky with Cher on Twitter. [EvilBeet]

Paris Jackson got a ta-ta tattoo. [TooFab]

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