‘TODAY’ Cancels Amy Adams Because She Wouldn’t Talk About Sony Hack

Amy Adams is a solid actress who does her best to sell the shit out of whatever movie she’s in whether it’s The Muppets or American Hustle with minimal to zero drama. She also does things like quietly give her first class seat to soldiers without fanfare. Which is why I’m going to completely buy her side of the story that TODAY producers asked her in the green room if they could question her about the Sony hack, and she politely refused because she knows nothing about it and has a movie to promote. A move that got her appearance cancelled because suddenly TODAY is a paragon of journalism. Page Six reports:

The actress was embroiled in the Sony scare when it was revealed she was paid less than her “American Hustle” co-stars, including Bradley Cooper.
Sources tell Page Six that Adams, who was booked on “Today” Monday to promote Tim Burton’s movie “Big Eyes,” was in the NBC show’s green room when she was told she would be asked to comment on the Sony hack.
A source said, “Amy said she didn’t want to contribute to the media coverage of it . . . then she was abruptly told that her interview with ‘Today’ was canceled. She was shocked and upset.”
The source added that Cooper had appeared on “Today” for his new movie “American Sniper,” but was not asked about Sony.

However, a source for the show told Page Six that Amy was “belligerent” and “reduced a young female staffer to tears” which was supposedly all caught on tape. Except when The Weinstein Company asked to see it, NBC had jackshit:

A TWC rep said, “We asked for tapes, NBC eyewitnesses who were there, NBC refused to give any information, we would happily finance an internal investigation to get to the bottom of this because we have no doubt Amy handled herself as a professional.”

The entire point of anyone going on TODAY is plug their new movie or book to people over 65, so why the hell they thought they could pin down polite-as-fuck Amy Adams to talk about the Sony hacks makes no goddamn sense. You’re The TODAY Show. This report from Deadline says it all:

She came to the set, and again a producer told her she would be asked. She replied that she would prefer to avoid the subject, given this was a four-minute interview. But she was told that Today is a news organization — something that was said as they engaged in a segment about dog grooming in which a hound was having its teeth brushed — and she was told no one dictates their interviews.

On top of that, the only connection Amy Adams has to the hacks is being mentioned in an email, so what the hell kind of response were they hoping for?

“Amy, your name was typed into an email. Can you explain to our viewers how something like that happens?”
“And that’s going on the website. We’re good here.”
“That’s it?”
“Yup, get out. Up next, a singing giraffe!”

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