FIRE IN THE HOLE! This Post Is About ‘American Sniper’

I am not a veteran. I have not read ‘American Sniper’ or seen the movie adaptation. According to the Internet, the first item on that list not only disqualifies me from saying the word “troops” without a “god bless the” or “thank you” in front of it, but also invalidates any opinion I may have on what said troops do in wartime to protect my freedom. Therein lies a problem for me. I’m not sure when it happened, but when civilians express concern over what the military does, even through the lens of wartime anecdote as Michael Moore tried to do, they crash into a wave of blind patriotic vitriol. To put an even finer point on it, talk about the troops, especially ones who were BFF’s with the guy who played Scott Peterson in a Lifetime movie and you will get fucked up. Via Hollywood Life:

Dean met Chris when the two partnered up for NBC’s reality show, Stars Earn Stripes. And afterward, the two stayed extremely close, so it was no surprise that he’s been very vocal on social media about the film.

Here are his responses to Michael Moore and Seth Rogen’s tweets about the movie American Sniper:

My issue here is twofold. First, telling someone you want to kick their ass with a tweet is some weak-ass, passive aggressive shit. A real man would have gone straight up to Moore and punched him off his barstool. Second, how does it make sense to tell someone that their freedoms; i.e. of speech, are constantly being protected by those who don’t want us to use them. It seems that would undermine their whole mission. If the moron who spent a large chunk of his morning screencapping 19 tit photos from a :53 second video can figure this out, why can’t middle America? It’s something in the Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew, isn’t it. *over Wal-Mart loudspeaker* NOBODY DRINK THE DORITOS-FLAVORED MOUNTAIN DEW. THE DORITOS-FLAVORED MOUNTAIN DEW IS BAD!

Photo: Twitter