Amber Tamblyn slips her nipple

October 9th, 2006 // 44 Comments

I was debating whether or not I should post this because some of you might not know who Amber Tamblyn is. I looked her up on IMDB and I still don’t even know who she is. She’s appeared in a few TV shows and is in The Grudge 2, and I figure if she’s famous enough to be photographed that means her nipple is famous enough to be seen. Although it’ll never be as famous as my nipple. I paint a little mustache on him and take him on tours in Mexico. They call him Senior Guapo and he’s huge there.

Click the picture for the uncensored NSFW version.


  1. Amber Tamblyn is hot!

  2. combustion8

    shes got man tits.

  3. neonink

    I don’t get it???

    She’s not afraid of showing it, but you are?

    Why the blur? Just curious.

  4. I don’t know who the hell this is but I’m all for it

  5. @ 3, just click the picture and the blur goes away. It’s magic. Or science. I’m not quite sure.


    Aw man she looks like she has one of those “widescreen” nipples. I prefer m&m types.

  7. llllllllll

    Can you be anymore boring looking

  8. Airdale

    Isn’t that just the cutest little thing!?

  9. adunleavy930

    Come on now!!! She was on General Hospital!!

  10. Ahh, nipples. We should celebrate them more often.

  11. ScottInFlorida

    Dude, she was in what is considered the greatest ganster/warmovie/guy_film every made….The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

  12. biatcho

    Is that her real hair or one of the worst wigs I have ever seen??? SO sick of the fake hair trend.

  13. Italian Stallion

    Is she going to prom?

  14. jrzmommy

    she’s goofy looking.

  15. commissioner


    Judging from the size of her breasts/nipples, she’s going to the seventh grade formal.

    She could have at least purchased a plunging training bra.

  16. Joan of Arcadia

    I never watched that show, but I knew her face. Now I know a little more.

  17. RichPort

    Is this the American Idol tryouts?

  18. hav-a-tampa

    aah. nice pink nipples… i’d suckle on it for awhile just for something to do.

  19. HELLpenis

    Who is this plain-jane lookin’ ho and why should we care?

  20. dstroyer

    She looks sorta like a flat-chested Traci Lords…

  21. Oh man, I can’t even begin to list the ways I would soil her……

    It puts the lotion on it’s skin, or else it sees my hose again.

  22. I Fucked Your Honor Student

    She probably did well in school, I’d fuck her!

  23. forlorn angel

    She’s cute… but don’t you think even with her tv money she could buy even an A cup? Something… anything… that would distinguish her chest from that of a twelve year old boys???

  24. bigdog

    The first thing is if a girl doesn’t Large C cup or greater she shouldn’t be allowed “BY LAW ” to wear a low cut dress. Now that is something our Gov’t should pass into law.

  25. ElatedPornStar

    I have better nipples than her. And she needs a tan. And a better dress. And a neck tie. I like neck ties.

  26. It’s a nipple… It’s second base… you suck on it for a little while… then you move down and EAT THAT ASS!!!!

  27. diavolobella

    She’s the daughter of Russ Tamblyn, a very well known Hollywood actor/dancer in his day. He played Riff in the film “West Side Story” and was in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” and “Tom Thumb”.

  28. pookiedoo

    Who stole her boobies?

  29. Watts

    It’s like looking at a 12 year old’s nipple. Yay.

  30. thebor

    I see a nipple but where is the tit?

  31. I Fucked Your Honor Student


    I was thinking the same thing, 12 year old nipples are the best!

    On my way to my Dateline debut, yay!

  32. biatcho

    Does anyone else think her name sounds like some dirty porn slut? Could be the Amber mixed with the whole kind-of-rhyming last name. And the fact that I heard she likes to take it in the poop shoot from donkeys.

  33. yardgraffiti

    If finding Amber’s nipples all hot, I heard from that Scarlet Johansson is supposed to be fluanting it too in her next magazine shoot.

  34. nc72

    And here’s a classy pose to go along with that slip…

  35. keksr

    she’s absolutely gorgeous the way she looks. no need for a double d-cup.

  36. Thanks to that nipple slip, Amber will be more famous than she’s ever been.

  37. Nuke L.A.

    Listen I’m all for trashing pigs but leave this girl alone, she seems halfway decent. At least she doesn’t have cement-filled water balloons like that skid-stain tara reid.

  38. shifty

    How would God feel about this Joan?!?!

  39. knowhere

    she can now use this as a springboard to move on to bigger things. like flashing her crotch. at me. in my bed/dungeon.

  40. doihaveabooger

    i love seeing naughty parts when I’m not supposed to.

  41. Pinky

    Must’ve been cold. She looks like she needs all the help she can to make those things not look so small. Just wait, I’m sure she’ll be getting one of them popular boob jobs all the girls in Hollywood are getting.

  42. Pinky

    ….especially if she hopes to have a long and prosperous career like Tara Reid….

  43. wow, i don’t know who she is, but i’ll take a nipple slip any day

  44. Roddy

    43 posts and not one of you morons thought to download and zoom in to see any irregularities. Most actress nipple slips are fakes and this one is a pretty good FAKE.

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