Amber Rose topless with Kanye West

August 19th, 2009 // 328 Comments

Amber Rose and Kanye West are apparently back together because the two were spotted in Miami yesterday where Amber walked around topless and essentially made Kim Kardashian look like Assless Annie of No Ass Junction. See? I knew posting bikini pics of pretty much any quasi-celeb would eventually pay off. And you all laughed at me.

Photos: Mavrix

  1. AznMom420

    Cameraman should’ve gotten his feet wet, much better angle.

  2. Jessica

    96. meee – August 19, 2009 9:36 PM

    “wow her boobs are really…weird. i can’t even explain them”

    ummm… how about… “big” or “natural”?

    what, you never seen real t*tties before? loser.

  3. The O

    Not hot, but I agree those are definitely real boobs. I swear all of you that post immediately are a bunch of virgins.

  4. like2bcold

    shes hot as all hell big natural tits sexy legs and ass and oooh bald head is the only turnoff check out these pics of her with hair HOT HOT!

  5. Gilbert Gottfried

    Hi folks Gilbert Gottfried here, thanks for taking the time to see me at my fake photoshoot. Occasionaly I orally pleasure kanye west and in return he pretends to help me with my *carreer*. There has been some debate concerning my hair and my breasts I would just like to clear the air and remind you that I am infact Gilbert Gottfried. If you do not know what a butterface is please look closely at the above pictures. If I had hair i would look more like myself, Gilbert Gottfried, than you could possibly imagine so I shall stay hairless.

  6. r2d5

    Hilarious that you think someone with an actual feminine body is gross. I guess some people like sleeping with small men with long hair.

  7. bete noir

    Love the hair! It’s pathetic that people don’t get tired of long straggley stringy hair on women. If it’s not a weave, then it’s extensions. She’s created a very provocative and sexy look for herself and she’s workin it. For the time being. My only problem with her is this: “I ain’t sayin she a gold digger, but she ain’t hangin with no broke nigga.”

  8. The Authority

    She’s cute! My goodness!

  9. jules

    kim kardashian’s ass is waaaay bigger/better than hers

  10. Cat

    # 8 -

    The black spots on her are blob tattoos, which are covering up other tattoos that must have been some mistake.

    Just like the giant tattoo on her arm is obviously two tattoos, the second one is covering up some writing, most likely some other guys name. She should have just had the first ones removed and stopped there.

    Her inks are just a mess of ulgy blobs.

  11. Reginald VelJohnson

    Wow, Urkel is filling out quite nicely! Who is his doctor?

  12. lizzy

    wow. she is fucking gorgeous. how do people not get it?

    yes her boobs are a tad weird, but her body is stunning and her face is so unique.

  13. Danklin

    Why is one of her tits vacationing in Cali while the other is in Maine?

  14. JEFF


  15. Sophia

    I don’t get it either. Why don’t believe think she’s atttractive? She’s got a nice face and she rocks the shaved head. I think this girl is HOT and most of you are just haters!

  16. Sophia

    Oops, I meant why don’t people* think…

  17. Blut_puke

    I would not F**K this chick with Chris Brown’s d**k and Kayne Pushing.

    Sure she has a nice set on her but DAMN this chick is nasty. I mean come on she is dating one of the most laughed at stupid rappers around.

    This chick makes me want to puke. I’ve even got a Pint of Whiskey in me and I still don’t want to fool around with her. And this is good whiskey, and I get horney while drinking whiskey, but no BLECK.

  18. hyped1

    She is definitely a butter face but her body is smokin hot! Her REAL tits look wonky cause she has her arms raised but her shape and that ass are quite impressive! Anyone who thinks she’s not hot should consider smoking pole. For fun or for profit!

  19. Fati

    She actually has a very good body. And her face is not repulsive either. She just needs some hair and a stylist and she’d be pretty hot.

  20. Daizy

    Her breast look strange to you douches because you either are looking at strippers whose breasts don’t fall to the sides when she’s at the bottom of the pole. Folks- these are real. I think her body is gorgeous. I am a woman. Her face is attractive as well. The bleached, shaved head is not so good. I’d love to look naturally beautiful like Amber.

  21. clpierced

    Okay so i am sooo she black or white? or something in between? i admit i think her body is alright. her boobs are weird, but look semi natural. her shaved head reminds me of my roommate from college who was a lesbian and lighted candles and incense when she would masturbate, very gross. i also think its gross she fucks kayne’s sick black dick, well they look purplish in porn

  22. bear


    Agreed. I mean really. And people say that girls are catty and mean towards one another, and here we have a bunch of males ripping women apart down to the tiniest freckle or slight dimple.

  23. chick

    here is a pic of her with hair and different makeup – she looks beautiful!

    she just needs a different style but her current one makes her much more unique

    and btw, those are fake boobs – no natural ones stick out like hers do in the first pic


    She’s got a nice ass!! Kanye is one lucky man.

  25. wawaweewa

    she looks good,just need a makeover…..grow some hair,laser the tats and dump the ugly delusional mofo.


    Nice pics!!!!

  27. Oh No

    Wrong beach faggot, take your shemale to San Francisco Bay and drown it.

  28. gigi

    hey “Amber!” thanx for #123, 125 & 127[128 dup] that should help the boys to decide the hotness factor lol — the girl can rock some wigs & awesome make up! the first one looks like a photoshoot w/ a butchy lesbian [the other chick's neck & jaw look very feminine even tho they're trying to man her up] very pretty girl! she just needs to move on from Kanye, take a nice long hot shower w/ some steel wool & antiseptic and maybe get w/ that hot Samoan dude w/ the dreads on that sci fi show that I can’t remember lol

  29. Kamakazi Kunt


    This bitch is GORGEOUS!

  30. chick/Amber!

    @gigi, no worries – just proves that she’s beautiful. I think she has better facial features than most models and women in Hollywood. What other woman could sport a shaved head and look sexy?? Just imagine the Victoria’s Secret models with shaved heads…

  31. katie

    i dont think those are fake boobs im pretty sure they’re real cause if they were fake theyd point where they should

  32. yea I reckon she looks pretty good – If she had long hair she’d be a pearler

  33. c

    She’s gorgeous!!!

  34. Nameless

    Meh…she is still fug and her cock is probably bigger than Kanye’s.

  35. ME

    There is nothing at all wrong with the way she looks ,something a little different and you people are insulting her what is wrong with you all

  36. ME

    There is nothing at all wrong with the way she looks ,something a little different and you people are insulting her what is wrong with you all

  37. THE K MAN.


  38. Come see how gorgeous she is all dolled up. Come.


    Amber Rose done up in traditional style. Beautiful…

  40. Richard Ragland

    Not very attractive…big ugly feet…!

  41. huh

    a bag on her had and I’d happily fist her ass

  42. Vandal

    What are those two lumps under her armpits?

  43. Clay

    WTF?!?! This is nasty.

  44. Rancid

    I agree with the assertion that she looks like Gilbert Gottfried.

    It would be awesome if she had his voice, too.

  45. Rancid

    I just thought of something –

    Any Frank Miller fans here? You know the girl who is seven feet tall, very masculine looking, bare-chested, and wears swasticas?

    This broad would be perfect.

  46. Pahlavi

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…That’s some ugly ass tit-tays

  47. Gemerald

    Ah – mazing body!

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