Amber Rose topless with Kanye West

August 19th, 2009 // 328 Comments

Amber Rose and Kanye West are apparently back together because the two were spotted in Miami yesterday where Amber walked around topless and essentially made Kim Kardashian look like Assless Annie of No Ass Junction. See? I knew posting bikini pics of pretty much any quasi-celeb would eventually pay off. And you all laughed at me.

Photos: Mavrix

  1. threearmedman

    What’s that coming outta her twat? Poop?

  2. Senior Pepe

    Nice titties, but the face of a retard!

  3. Vince Lombardi

    Christ. Now I have to pour Drain-O in my eyes.

  4. guest

    Why doesn’t she have any hair?

  5. Mac

    I am convinced some of you are virgins. Look at her boobs from the side and how they hang. Those are not implants. Her butt on the other hand maybe…

  6. netstarman

    Shouldn’t a cat be burying this thing in the sand ?

    Kanye: P-Diddy I know this is my retardation talking ,but my cat was scraping around the litter box and flicked this bald turd out.

    P-Diddy: I am trying to set up a intervention for you about this problem of cat boxes and your cat litter covered girlfriend.

    Kanye: Duhhh..Doody I mean Diddy do you have any scoop away litter on you ?

  7. yummybear

    I’m baffled by the number of haters leaving comments man. Amber Rose is cute (beautiful when she’s all done up), and her body is hot as fuck, I’m not even a dude (or a lez for that matter) and I can see that. Her titties look pretty real to me, you can see the slight “real boob sag” in some of the pics. I also think her shaved head adds to her appeal and makes her look uniquely attractive, not many woman can pull off a bald head and still look hot.

  8. yummybear

    I’m baffled by the number of haters leaving comments man. Amber Rose is cute (beautiful when she’s all done up), and her body is hot as fuck, I’m not even a dude (or a lez for that matter) and I can see that. Her titties look pretty real to me, you can see the slight “real boob sag” in some of the pics. I also think her shaved head adds to her appeal and makes her look uniquely attractive, not many woman can pull off a bald head and still look hot.

  9. Bigo

    She’s a cancer patient. True story!

  10. Joe Fonebone

    “I need to stand out from all the other star-fucking golddiggers, what CAN I do hmmmmmm…. I know, I’ll shave my head.” Good call!

  11. Joe Fonebone

    58 (+59!) – How can you claim she’s unique and in the same breath state that not many women can pull the bald look off? If other women were trying she wouldn’t be the only one and, as she apparently IS the only one, you’re in no position to state whether others would look hot or not.

  12. Wicked501

    I could have gone all day without seeing these pics. I don’t even want dinner now, too.

  13. JPRichardson

    Gorgeous body. No matter what you say!

  14. She’d look less like Venus of Willendorf if she’d grow some damn hair.

  15. Kanye West loves fish sticks.

    P.S. That chick is gross, save for the nice ass.

  16. Guy From A Few Years Back

    Hey Britney looks great! Oh no wait

  17. Jimmy

    I should print out a picture of this piece of crap posing for the cameras next time I want to diet. This totally scum faced tramp stamped trash hag does not even meet the lowest standard of life forms.

  18. britneysucks

    Great legs and ass. I wish I had a body like that.

  19. What the fuck is going on with those weird, stretched-out, pointing-all-over-the-place orangey fat-sacks?

  20. dacaya

    wtf is up with that hair!
    she is actually kind of cute
    but that hair is just horrible

  21. privatery

    come on now, she’s not as bad as you all are saying, pu-lease. most of you couldn’t even handle that if you had the chance. you think Kanye of all people isn’t picky?

  22. dave

    Ugh, what the fuck is wrong with her tits?

  23. adodgers22

    GROSS, this bitch is fugly. Nothing about her is attractive her face is nasty, her tits look weird. The tats make her look even worse, if that’s possible.

  24. marijane

    there’s nothing wrong with this couple. Kanye west is U-G-L-Y. Who says that women can’t shave their head and look beautiful?!!! I think she’s pretty and has a GRRREAT body!

  25. Boi.. There are a lot more haters in the world than I’d ever imagine… some people feel the same way I feel, but this is a very dynamis duo,ther actually being judged in so many ways basically on the outside. I also feel like Amber Rose has a very *EXCLUSIVE LOOK* and she wears it well. KANYE WEST has rocked his own style since day one,and been the same out spoken individual as well..He’s *EXCLUSIVE*. I like them together because I feel like they compliment oneanother and aren’t afraid of being themselves… It’s hard to actually meet some one to compliment you these days so with that said REAL TALK , this couple is an *EXCLUSIVE PAIR*

    They’ll be crazy to listen to haters because they look very content to me..
    I’m out !!!

  26. Joe Blow

    7. dunno – August 19, 2009 4:20 PM

    Would she be hot with some hair?


    Yes…. IF she let it grow 6 feet long and combed it all forward, so that it covered her face and most of her body.

  27. sweet like salsa

    saggage does not = real boobs. silicone….or sailine cant defy gravity any better than real boobs…

    just look at Brooke Hogan

  28. Feckless

    Why did she have butt nuggets tattooed on her thigh??

  29. Fuck you

    35. stupidass – August 19, 2009 5:17 PM


    woah wait a second, that’s strange….i have an erection. huh.

    Tell your mom to put her clothes on.

  30. Fuck You Bitch


    Hey stupid: Press F5 after you make a post and it will refresh the page to show what you just posted.

    That way you won’t have to post the same fucking stupid-assed shit 3 times in 3 minutes, you stupid fucking cunt.

  31. sweet like salsa

    here’s a poll for the kids:

    Kanye West or a plastic bag?

  32. Hugh Gentry

    what an awesome body. I’d hit that all day

  33. Fuck you

    96. Hugh Gentry – August 19, 2009 7:59 PM

    what an awesome body. I’d hit that all day

    So would I…. with a Louisville Slugger… with rusty nails in it that had been dipped in shit.

  34. Angela

    Excuse me. I’d hit it & I’m straight. There’s something about a woman who is confident enough to go almost naked in public – without making it look like she’s a slut (and she doesn’t, she just looks like she’s having fun on the beach) – that is sexy to begin with. Not to mention those tits are REAL. I have fake ones ok, I can tell fake vs. real.

    Just bc they are far apart doesn’t mean they’re fake. Some women are just built that way.

    And FISH – do u KNOW it takes 5 minutes to post a comment? That’s why we have all these fucking idiots posting the same shit over and over again! Fix it Please!!

  35. gigi

    haters can stop hating – the only thing wrong with Amber is that she’s dating Kanye West and that’s just ewww…. Short GI Jane, Sinead hair for some reason is still-off putting but hey, it’s practical, cool, low maintenance and if you’re cute you can pull it off… Amber’s ‘cute’…. also after a couple of weeks it’ll lay flat [may need some product & grease if it's kinky] & take on that pixie-ish thing which is adorable…. Bottom-line: Her body is GORGEOUS. PERIOD. I know how you boys like that most of all, so don’t contradict. Go with the flow – your penis knows

  36. Jim Kim

    But I thought he was a Gay Fish???

  37. shakeesia is really amber, FYI

  38. The CreaseMaster

    She is the octaroon version of Annie Lennox. Or maybe she has that skin disease what Michael Jackson had.

  39. kaylia

    her ass ate her bikini bottoms

  40. Pancho

    -not feelin’ this tennis ball head

  41. Kelley

    First day on the computer, Shakeesia ? We get it, OK ? Duh …

  42. datroof

    You pathetic closet homos slagging this bitch are a laugh.

    She’s got a decent face, and a positively smoking rack. Who gives a fuck that she’s got no hair. That chick in the first Star Trek movie back in the 80′s had no hair and was hot, but people got freaked out by her too.

    Anyway, Amber Rose is good. And she looks like she would be a hell of a fuck too. Like she really enjoys it. She’s got that look in her eye. She likes it furious, you can tell. But sometimes slow and intense too.

    And Kayne is indeed a pretentious, overrated douchenozzle. But at least here, he’s got quality taste in women.

  43. JJ

    So this is what a clown looks like without its make-up.

  44. bop

    they look nice too

  45. kev

    blown-up, those dark thigh blotches are pussy paws

  46. meee

    wow her boobs are really…weird. i can’t even explain them

  47. Superbiggerevil

    She’s hot as fuck! All you assholes on here that are hating on her need a fucking nailgun to the temple for taliking all this shit. Granted, her boyfriend is a shitstain on the toiletseat of life, but she’s smokin’! She probably wouldn’t waste a squirt of piss on you if you were laying by the side of the road fully engulfed in flames.

  48. Delgo


  49. mike

    She ‘d be hot, headless

  50. fucknutz

    I didn’t know that Curious George had a sister.

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