Amber Rose topless with Kanye West

August 19th, 2009 // 328 Comments

Amber Rose and Kanye West are apparently back together because the two were spotted in Miami yesterday where Amber walked around topless and essentially made Kim Kardashian look like Assless Annie of No Ass Junction. See? I knew posting bikini pics of pretty much any quasi-celeb would eventually pay off. And you all laughed at me.

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Que

    Que exciting.

  2. ijustpukedinmymouthalittlebit


  3. EB

    If she bent her head forwards, she’d look like a Pawnbroker’s sign.

  4. dunno

    Would she be hot with some hair?

    I, dunno.

  5. Kanye is hurting so bad if he really wants to keep hitting this. Disgusting (though a thick ass).
    The Rake

  6. EB

    If she bent her head forward, she’d look like a Pawnbroker’s sign.

  7. dunno

    Would she be hot with some hair?

    I, dunno.

  8. puke

    What is them black spots? Birth marks, moles, no idea but eeeewwwww :P

  9. Richard McBeef

    Titties are shooting in so many directions in that first pick it makes my brain hurt.

    Get yourself a fucking weave bitch. I am sure Kanye loves hitting that shit in the ass. it’s the perfect surrogate for a man.

  10. Carl

    I think she’s beautiful

  11. Katie

    I think she is very attractive.

  12. M

    What the hell? Is it a horse, a snake? And the ugliest dog award goes toooo..

  13. M

    What the hell? Is it a horse, a snake? And the ugliest dog award goes toooo..

  14. Randall

    The things I would eat out of her ass, you have no idea.


  15. Dylan

    nice ass though

  16. fsgfg

    She’s hot.. big tits, nice ass… Look at #2, dude is scoping her out lol

  17. DO NOT WANT!

  18. ?

    is that a bird shit tattoo?

  19. laurente

    She has deformed big tits number 11
    that is a very bad boob job
    you must be hard up honey
    she looks like a trannie with fake boobs
    yikes horrible

  20. Throwback To Kojak

    Gilbert Gottfried face and the average twenty dollar stripper body gets you the worlds greatest self proclaimed rapper. Yes ladies for the price of a blow job and three glasses of champagne you to can be paraded around naked by just about any rapper. I must admit though harsh as a dry assfuck I am, that the cue ball does have a nice caboose if you are into that sort of thing. Lose the head and fix the tits and you have a woman worth parading around naked.

  21. Valerie

    Hmm, I actually think she has an interesting body. Don’t know why the general consensus is “disgusting” but whatevs.

  22. Jenn

    Is she an albino or something? Regardless, she is truly disgusting.

  23. sweet like salsa

    anyone else agree she would look better WITHOUT the wacked out boob job?


  24. Erica

    I agree with valerie in that she has an interesting body. But why the shaved head, man, why??

  25. Sport

    I would totally mount that if there was NO POSSIBLE CHANCE of me seeing her face.
    At all.

  26. jlylec

    for some reason i’d hit it, but i’d feel bad about it the next day and wonder what the fuck is wrong with me in general…

  27. Daryl G.

    I’m not sure if my erection has ever been too frightened to make an appearance in light of an ass like that.

  28. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    That ass would make me Stronger.

  29. amoi

    Thunder thighs, wonky implants, and bald. What’s not to love?

  30. royaltee

    I’m curious why she has a towel on her head in the pic with Kanye kissing her.


  31. Jimbo McGillicutty

    Looks like a hairless Gilbert Gottfried with boobs

  32. Matrim

    Awesome pics, too bad Kanye is in them…that no-talent ass-clown and his ego crowd the pictures. More of Amber’s tits, less douchebag.

  33. Deacon Jones


    I think I’d actually hit this, even though I avoid black women like the plague (read:they’re fucking psycho)

    I think the tattoo is meant to be cat paws (get it? creeping towards her pussy)

    But those paws have seen one too many days in the sun, and it now looks like she has a massive case of the Clap dripping down her thigh from fucking too many black thugs. Word.

  34. markonius maximus



  35. stupidass


    woah wait a second, that’s strange….i have an erection. huh.

  36. jt

    Spectacular rack

  37. ha

    In what world are those thunder thighs? Yea, they’re muscular, but they are just plain not disproportionately big. You ass hole.

    And Kanye West is the only rapper I’ve ever remotely liked. Every other rap song makes me want to put rusty nails in my ears and eyes.

  38. Sheena

    She has a cancer tattooed on her leg. Nasty.

    And for the record, Kanye West is the least talented, most overblown “rapper” the world has ever seen. He’s a legend in his own mind.

  39. grobpilot

    Those fucking things are so far apart, she can do armpit farts with her tits.

  40. gendarmie

    No comment

  41. ted

    There are a lot of queens on this board masquerading as heterosexuals.

    Hot woman there, gays. If you’re trying to fake it, try harder.

  42. Kanya looks like he’s out to prove something, he looks out of place. If youre into booty worshiping like me the chick is a dime, there’s no butts about it, I cant lie. As for her head most of the time she carry it well but in some instance she look like yoda in a bikini,,,gotta grow some hair, i have a 1track mind….

  43. Ewww, gross tat.

    Is that a poopstain on her thigh or sqamous cell carcinoma?

  44. Rob

    Reminds me of the money shot in There’s Something About Mary

  45. Ice T

    Damn, she looks almost as good as Coco! You keep feeding that cow Kanye and she WILL produce milk! Damn!!!

  46. Bowl Your Head

    This bitch is proof you can be ugly as fuck and still have a nice ass its just too bad she has bad taste in males. The fuck rapping idiot ruins this chick, otherwise id bend it over. He is rather virginile to show off he found a piece of ass its almost like that is the one and only piece of ass hes ever snatched. She is a constant reminder of kanye wests virginity.
    Hi everyone this is the bitch that popped my cherry doesn’t she look different wirh her shaved head because she hates nappy heads.

  47. cg

    Kinda hot in a dirty girl way…

    I would put money on it that she loves it up the ass and is one of those girl who talks to you while you fuck her asshole. “yeah, you like having your cock in my ass motherfucker, fuck that ass, fuck that ass”
    Yep, that is totally the kind of girl she looks like.

    Saying that I’d love to slide inside that booty

  48. Kan-Gaye

    Hey Ted, that thing with the stain on its leg looks so much like a man, even I want to tap it!


  49. Crabby Old Guy

    And this, Kanye, is why George Bush hates black people.

  50. RONIN

    I thought Kanye West hated white people?

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