Amber Rose Just Realized Her Boobs Are Too Big

Amber Rose has built her career off of her cartoonish curves. Is that a bad thing? No. Not really – a lot of people like it I suppose… she has dated two of the biggest rappers in the past decade (as well as one that’s more of a fad). Like many women who are in Amber’s line of work (the stripper turned celebrity turned custody nightmare industry), she’s entering the wrong side of her thirties and is starting to feel her age.

Having size 36-H breasts is usually something reserved for cafeteria workers, math teachers, high school bus drivers – pretty much any female over 50 who works in the public education system. Whether or not having boobs that big is required to get a job in education or if the education system creates it has yet to be determined by boob-science.

Now she’s asking her 15.8 million Instagram followers about how to go about breast reduction with minimal scarring. Of course, PageSix covered it because she’s got a great PR team and it’s been a pretty slow week for those of us not covering the impending apocalypse caused by stupid shit Donald Trump did.

What do you think? Should she shop-vac those puppies down to C’s or just let those dogs keep barkin’? I probably won’t be losing sleep over this one…