Amber Heard Sued Doug Stanhope

When Doug Stanhope wrote a guest column in The Wrap accusing Amber Heard of blackmail, it was only a matter of time until somebody get their ass sued. And here we are. PEOPLE reports:

She accuses Depp and his team – she cites 20 unnamed John Doe defendants whom she claims were complicit in defaming her – of going on a “publicity tour” with the purpose of trying to discredit her allegations. “Depp and his representatives further ‘went on the offensive’ during the publicity tour repeatedly making false public allegations about Heard to the press, accusing her of being manipulative, a blackmailer, and blaming her for the breakup of the marriage – as if Depp’s alcoholism, drug addiction and campaign of violence against his wife played no part.”
The lawsuit, which was filed in Arizona, where Stanhope lives, also states: “Defendants knew the statements about Heard in the Defamatory Article were completely untrue and fabricated, and they did not care, because their only concern was helping Depp by trashing the reputation of his wife, who loved Depp, even though she had been repeatedly physically and verbally abused by him.”

As for who those 20 unnamed defendants are, Lainey Gossip won’t be surprised if one of them is Johnny Depp’s bodyguard who’s allegedly watched Depp abuse Amber Heard and reportedly tried to bribe a news outlet that recently revealed Johnny injured his hand – which delayed filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 a.k.a. cost Disney money – punching a wall while arguing with his wife.

In the meantime, where’s Depp now? Doing the most Johnny Depp thing possible by hanging out at Dracula’s castle with Tim Burton. The only thing missing is a scarf convention in the background.

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