Amber Heard Was Arrested For Domestic Violence In 2009; Yeah, So?

People who absolutely need to believe that Amber Heard is a gold-digging whore and made up all of those lies about Johnny Depp (or worse, made him hit her) are having a goddamn field day after TMZ somehow found out that Amber was once arrested for allegedly assaulting her girlfriend in 2009, and then let go by prosecutors:

According to law enforcement sources and documents, Amber and Tasya van Ree got in an argument on September 14, 2009 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Amber allegedly grabbed and struck Tasya in the arm, which upset Tasya and triggered the arrest.
Amber was arrested and booked for misdemeanor domestic violence. Her mug shot was taken and she appeared in court the following day.
TMZ has obtained audio of the court hearing, where the prosecutor declined to move forward with the case — we’re told because the women both lived in California.

Goddammit. Okay, just like Amber Heard almost definitely being a golddigger doesn’t cancel out the highly probable chance that Johnny Depp is an abusive asshole, neither does being arrested for grabbing her girlfriend’s arm seven years ago. Life is a complex bowl of turds that way. What it does prove is that TMZ is doing Johnny Depp’s dirty work because it would take an insane amount of luck for them to pluck these court records from Seattle without someone tipping them off. So definitely click over to Lainey below for a way better analysis from someone who didn’t just clickbait the shit out of Lena Dunham’s vagina. I’m the last person you should be talking to right now. About anything.

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