Amber Heard As Mera Is A Huge Deal Apparently

I’m going to give you guys a peek behind the curtain of what goes on in our editorial department on this one. A short while ago, and despite being on vacation, Fish messaged me about how this photo of Amber Heard as Mera in Justice League is blowing up huge. I asked him, “Why are you working, and did you see how I did the boobs, but also the SJW agenda like we promised to do at the meetings?” He sent back a hug emoji, a thumbs up, and one that looks like binoculars, so I know Hilary Duff is about to walk out of the gym. He won’t respond now for a few hours. So, here’s that photo via IGN, as well as some older boob galleries we have of her, because if we’re going to questionably use an image we didn’t purchase, why not wring some extra pageviews out of it while we’re at it? The Internet!

Amber Heard Mera Costume Justice League

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Photo: DC Comics/Warner Bros.