Amanda Bynes wants alcohol

*amanda_bynes_drinking.jpgAmanda Bynes had to settle for soft drinks instead of booze on a recent trip to Boston. The 19-year-old actress was carded with her She’s the Man co-stars during dinner at Bonfire. Their handler, Dayna D’Itria, objected, saying, “I spoke to the manager, and I thought we had an understanding.” After IDs were checked, everyone but Bynes ordered cocktails – but the server declined to bring them two drinks apiece as they had ordered. A spokeswoman for Bonfire said, “We abide by Massachusetts state law. We’re not in the business of serving teens alcohol. Especially if they’re ugly.” (last line added by me)

For some reason the thought of Amanda Bynes stumbling around drunk pleases me greatly. Probably cause the thought also includes her stripping naked and calling herself “PenisMonster 5000.” The girl is astoundingly cute, and likes to drink, a combination which generally leads to getting astoundingly pregnant. It’s really only a matter of time. Time and rufies.