Amanda Bynes is unrecognizable


Amanda Bynes was spotted leaving club Hyde over the weekend looking completely unrecognizable. If the pictures weren’t labeled I wouldn’t even know who this was. Although to be fair, I’m pretty bad with faces. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I get confused and think I’m looking at Brad Pitt. A lot of women seem to make that mistake too. Hmm, weird.

amanda_bynes_club_hyde_01-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_02-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_03-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_04-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_05-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_06-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_07-thumb.jpg

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