Amanda Bynes is unrecognizable

June 5th, 2007 // 93 Comments

Amanda Bynes was spotted leaving club Hyde over the weekend looking completely unrecognizable. If the pictures weren’t labeled I wouldn’t even know who this was. Although to be fair, I’m pretty bad with faces. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I get confused and think I’m looking at Brad Pitt. A lot of women seem to make that mistake too. Hmm, weird.

amanda_bynes_club_hyde_01-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_02-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_03-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_04-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_05-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_06-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_07-thumb.jpg


  1. Nikky Raney

    everyone used to tell me i looked JUST like her. up until i was 15. then everyone said i looked like jessica alba

  2. bamboozled

    bitch is ugly.

  3. Chauncey Gardner


    She’s actually 21. That means she’s too *old* for most of us!

  4. She is saying “Bring me Solo and the Wookiee. They will all suffer for this outrage.”

  5. If you are wondering about the girl in the blue dress, her name is “Girl I Am About to Fuck.”

  6. noway

    wow, that’s almost as bad as Amanda Lepore (is that how you spell it? i have no idea?) anyway, she was pretty, but i guess she has to have the same manufactured look as every other celeb, at least that’s what she was going for at the discount surgeon’s.

  7. stephiphany

    I don’t care for her body. It’s completely shapeless. No waist and small boobs.

  8. BarbadoSlim

    @66, yeah but you can’t see that off-camera Bobba Fett tells her, “what if he doesn’t survive, he’s worth a lot to me…”

  9. Gee where did she get the idea that wearing orange makeup, fake bulky jewlry with no aristic merit, overextended hair, and a glazed expression gest you a ton of free press?


    at least she is normal weight and looks like she can reporduce. Skinsey Fuckhan and Blearis Hilton are all played out.

  10. mereal

    Looking at those pictures was that the man-face in line should head to the tranny bar!

  11. mereal

    Looking at those pictures was that the man-face in line should head to the tranny bar!

  12. Teryn

    I saw Amanda Bynes dining in a NYC restraunt in May, and I hardly recognized her when I saw her..she was wearing the same bracelet at the time..thats the only thing i recognized from this picture, really

  13. ThatIsGay

    There is something about her and Hayden Panntierre that remind me of 2004 Lindsay Lohan.

    Probably facial structure and legs/boobs.

  14. dude, thiz chick iz a freakin
    nut…shez kool….

    she waz cuter az a guy in “Shez
    the Man..and she sounded like
    Steve Martin being black..
    that shit waz fuckin funny>

  15. keri

    Great! Now she’s just another Lohan lookalike.

  16. frenchie


  17. Texas Longhorn

    The blond behind her in the pictures appears to be Jenna Bush.

  18. Don Mega

    I’m so glad she’s legal. :-P~

  19. P

    I’m glad she’s not starving herself. Pics of her from a few years ago on TRL were quite scary.

  20. Kingnitro

    Guess even the 13-14 year olds eventually grow up!

  21. elizabeththewellread

    Here we go again! In a few months, this darling little actress will be making a video featuring herself receiving anal sex while snorting coke off a toilet seat.

  22. MissPMS

    She looks like some slut that should be in “Cum Guzzlers 94″ or some shit.

  23. Sandy

    Wow Amanda is looking better.

  24. Kelly

    I think she looks like she’s developing into a women. I hope that she stays/becomes a healthy rolemodel unlike these crazy girls out there.

  25. thr0l

    She’s still fuckable.

  26. hungmaster

    I wonder if she likes big sloppy cocks like mine? HMMMMMM


    No implants btw, and she’s a good girl, raised Jewish in a close family, she might still be a virgin, but now that she’s turned 21, I can’t be sure anymore…

  28. MM

    She looks like my old roomate in LA. Her nickname was ‘Punky Head’ but, she didn’t know it.

  29. Fred

    She looks so fucking disgusting. Stupid Bitch.

  30. Tell me how you can’t feel sorry for this sad face?…

  31. Kyle Coppola, NYC

    Freaking mad hot. Tho I liked her better as a brunette.

  32. raceman94

    You sure we’re talking about Amanda Bynes?

  33. Ren

    I think she looks good and everybody just wants to see all good actresses, end up puking cum slutting whore. Who doesnt? I think though Amanda will not become like Paris!

  34. ben

    shes absolutly beautiful, and theirs absolutly nothing wrong with her

  35. Brianne

    what the fuck is everyone’s problem with Amanda Bynes?
    none of you have a right to judge her…you don’t her!
    so fuck all you haters!
    she may not be an A list celeb, but she’s so much more wholesome then half the the young women in Hollywood!!!!

    So shut the hell up! and go fuck yourselves. have of you are probably just jealous! but when you talk shit about her you’re just making her that much more famous….

  36. Francesca

    Why the hell is her face so fat?!! Can you get lipo on your face. Could her face be drained.? God she’ s ugly.

    She has that round faced princess Leia Simian quality. You know Jennie Garth picked her for “What I like about You” so she’d look more attractive by comparision.

  37. Melon

    Fuck Amanda Bynes and Fuck Lohan. I refuse to call her Li-Lo thats some stupid cocksucker nickname some jerkoff pap or fanboy gave her because it reminds them of the fucking alien from the movie lilo and stich. When will you realize all these D list celebs arent going to matter in a few months and youll probably see Bynes blowing some crackhead in an alley for a role in some shitty porn movie. FUCK YOU AMANDA BYNES GO FUCK MOLEST JACKO AND DIE OF AIDS YOU CUNT RAG WHORE

  38. Roxi


    Fuck you!!
    You’re a judgemental bitch.

  39. Roxi


    Fuck you!!
    You’re a judgmental BITCH.

    Why don’t you go choke on a dick.

  40. thanks for your post!!!!!!!

  41. amandabynesisaslut

    yes she is sadly a complete slut! she went from an american sweetheart to an white american trailer trash slut very fast, who only likes black dicks, yup only chocolate sweeties – so sorry guys she dosent care for the same air as you breathe! she is only interested in beeing a little black slave whore. I lost everything for her when she opened her mouth puplic and announced her little frustrated sexual fetish! And dont let her sweet looks decieve you its as fake as pamala andersons boobs

  42. Tess

    you idiot amanda bynes has always had a full face when smiling…even when her body looked anorexic …google pics of amanda and look at her smiling face she always was cheeky. rollling my etyes at the total schmuck!

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