Amanda Bynes is unrecognizable

June 5th, 2007 // 93 Comments

Amanda Bynes was spotted leaving club Hyde over the weekend looking completely unrecognizable. If the pictures weren’t labeled I wouldn’t even know who this was. Although to be fair, I’m pretty bad with faces. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I get confused and think I’m looking at Brad Pitt. A lot of women seem to make that mistake too. Hmm, weird.

amanda_bynes_club_hyde_01-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_02-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_03-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_04-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_05-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_06-thumb.jpg amanda_bynes_club_hyde_07-thumb.jpg


  1. captain obvious

    Huh? I don’t get it; why is she completly unrecognizable? I recongnized her right away as that girl from the show w/ Jenny Garth. I used to always think she looked really anorexic on that show, but she looks to be a healthy weight now. Is that why she’s unrecognizable? I don’t get it…

  2. veggi

    That’s a BIG mother fucking necklace.

  3. Laur

    i think she had a baby. she was gaining a lot of weight during the last season of that show and they started hiding her stomach behind bags and bigger clothes. yes, she had a kid & she hasn’t lost the weight yet. and since it’s been about 2 years, i think it’s safe to assume she’s okay with not being a stick figure.

  4. titsonsnack

    who the fuck is this.

  5. fergernauster

    Don’t get all excited, kidz. It’s still the same plump-cheeked porker teen, albeit with ho-bag-blonde extensions, fake eyelashes & that spray-on-orange shit. Wal-Mart costume jewelry does not a classy starlet make…

    In short, she’s a bitch and a grower.

  6. yo

    Those are some fucking gnarly cheek implants.

  7. havoc

    I have no idea who she is….

    But she’s somewhat hot.


  8. veggi

    Sadly, I liked the movie She’s the man. I’m an idiot like that.

  9. Miserable Bastard

    She’s just a place-holder at Hyde until Lohan goes into withdrawal and ditches rehab and Paris can tunnel her way out of her cell with her mole-nose.

  10. My Left Nut

    Damn, I think she looks good. Everyone seems so catty towards any female in Hollywood under 23. They’re not all Paris or LiLo.

  11. Stoned Bored


    Boy howdy, would I bend her over.

  12. julie

    Never heard of her. She’s cute enough, I guess. At least she’s of normal weight.

  13. Donkey

    Wonder what Paris is doing right now.
    I bet half of her day is spent laying in her cell and crying.

  14. Not Funny SuperFish

    No, when you wake up the morning and look in the mirror you think you’re Akon.

  15. “What I Like About You” was actually a decently funny show. Laugh tracks aside, it certainly had its moments.

  16. @dd

    #15 youre an idiot.. and amanda is actually quite the comdeian..if your 13.

  17. Why oh WHY do cute girls like Eliza Dushku and this chick get those nasty cheek implants? They make you all look like post face-lift aging German Prostitutes.

    Seriously, nobody should want to look like Marline Deitrict after the age of 50…hell even Marline didn’t want to!

    P.S. Does Katie Holmes have a penis? Because Tom Cruise says he loves her, and as we all know, he only loves….The Cock.

  18. lambman

    What does Hyde have to do with anything? She wore that exact same outfit on the MTV awards which were broadcast to millions of people, it seems slightly more noteworthy than walking out of a club.

  19. Um … the bitch still looks like a pumpkin …

  20. …annnnnnd I’d hit it. For great justice!

  21. Beavis

    Amanda is the shizzle. Absolute genius! This kid is a workaholic…that’s right pricks…she addicted to work-ahol!

    For the geico cavemen on here who don’t know who she is…WTF?? She had her own sketch comedy show when she was like a fetus…jesus “IMDB” her…if you print it it would be the size of the bible

  22. wedgeone

    Man, what can you say? Nice legs w/o fucked up knees or feet, nicely shaped REAL cans, face is tolerable.
    Does this mean that she’s graduated from Nickelodeon into porn? I hope so – she could really benefit from a Pete North glazing!

  23. Cracka

    Im glad she stayed clean and somewhat sober……..

    My kid used to love her show on Nick…..

    Great legs…….

  24. havoc

    Just more fodder for the Sunset Strip….

  25. bungoone

    not too long ago she weighed about 50lbs, so i think she looks good here.

    i doubt she’d get cheep implants. it’s probably just that assload of makeup she’s got on.

    29, that p.s. cracked me up. nice variation of TCLTC.

  26. Chauncey Gardner

    Wow. It’s funny – the brother of a friend of mine was her bodyguard while she was filming a movie in Orlando, and he talked about how normal she is. But, this looks like another up-and-coming cock-sucking, coke-snorting, car-crashing skunk-pussy of the Paris or Lindsay variety. The difference is, I’d fuck the hell out of this one.

  27. Tha-Flash

    Yeah I would FUCK’ER!

  28. I just saw her on some show talking about she’s not like Lindsay Lohan and the other teen hoes…….and how she’s a good girl and goes home early? Isn’t this her leaving one of Lindsay’s hangouts?

    Also, is she legal to bang yet?

  29. She´s really pretty.

  30. BarbadoSlim

    It was reported that the Make-Upzooka was set to, clownhore.

  31. blar

    In the second pic she appears to have a foot growing out of her crotch.

  32. Michael

    She’s got nice legs and a pretty cute body. She looks just the right size to me. It’s a welcome break from stick figure girls who barely have any curves at all.

    I liked her on “What I Like About You.” It’s nice to see a young actress that doesn’t have a vagina shot plastered on the internet.

  33. Hollywood Agent

    You’re all a bunch of pervs. I have no idea who this person is, but she can’t be a day over 13.

  34. lalaland

    sure hope she doesnt turn out like the rest of the trashy people on this site.

  35. lalaland

    #45 try 20/21 youmust not watch nickelodeon (which probably isnt a bad thing, im just saying)

  36. BarbadoSlim

    @47…AmandaMandaMandamaaaanda Shooooow!!

  37. lalaland

    shit i need to learn to type everything in one comment

    i must add one more thing, those are not cheek implants people! she’s always had thos little chipmunk cheeks. just look up some of her pictures

  38. lalaland

    what about All That?? ha

  39. BarbadoSlim

    Yup, she started with “All That” and got her own show, kid had true comedy chops.

  40. The best part of her, are her legs!

  41. lalaland

    i always thought her show was annoying for the most part, but she was just so darn cute

  42. Jen

    She looks beautiful, and DOESN’T have implants of ANY kind.


  43. lickmybutt

    have we finally moved on from Paris, Britney and Lindsay? did they all die over the weekend and i missed it?

    its alrite, Dear Amanda here will be slitting peoples throats, sucking any dick that comes her way, and snorting some kind of new super drug in no time. im just sure of it.

  44. Wanky

    she looks like a whorish version of anna kournikova but not as hot!

  45. I think she looks great. She’s just growing up. Happens to all of us.

  46. leelee

    It appears as if someone sat on poor Miss. Bynes and made her all stumpy/compacted looking.

  47. she looks oddly like britney spears did a few years ago. at the vmas…

  48. #54 Jen You said….

    She looks beautiful, and DOESN’T have implants of ANY kind.


    This is just a sugestion Jen, if you are going to try to use the “Jealous?” burn, you may want to rethink just what it is you are asking me. In responding to my post, saying she doesn’t have any implants, then asking if I’m jealous you were basically asking me “Are you jealous that this girl looks like she had some bad implants put in?”

    My answer to you….dear Jen, is No.

  49. suzy

    she’s in the new film version of “hairspray”

    she is also on the tv show “what i like about you”

    she could do without the necklace though.

    i like her, she is funny and not like the other druggie, anorexic jailers we see all the time

  50. Nikky Raney

    everyone used to tell me i looked JUST like her. up until i was 15. then everyone said i looked like jessica alba

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