BEST OF 2016: Amanda Seyfried’s Vagina Says ‘Hi’

Welcome to the magical time of the year when The Superficial phones it in during the holidays by shamelessly farting out Best Of posts for cheap and easy clicks. It’s practically tradition.


During a photo shoot in Paris, Amanda Seyfried lounged around with her vagina hanging out because, unlike Kylie Jenner, Amanda Seyfried understands the meaning of a “gift to the world.” It was an incredible and amazing time until we learned our President-Elect grabs these things for fuel, so now it’s incumbent upon us to hide them in a bunker, which I’ll guard obviously. You guys are probably busy, right? Yeah, let me handle this. It’ll be fine. Plus I heard they’ll spray you like a skunk. I saw it in a movie once. In fact, Farrah was in it, but she’s not an actre- wait.

Posted: 6.23.16

Original Post: That’s Amanda Seyfried’s Vagina

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