Amanda Seyfried: ‘Your Limey Parking Tickets Mean Nothing to Me!’

April 8th, 2011 // 50 Comments

Following the London premiere of Red Riding Hood yesterday, Amanda Seyfried returned to her car just as a traffic warden placed a ticket on the windshield. You’d just assume she’d go, “Eh, fuck it, I’m rich,” but keep in mind this is a woman who just found out her non-committal boyfriend has a bastard child on the way. According to The Fab Life, Amanda took the ticket and threw it at the cop who just walked away shrugging. Maybe because she has awesome breasts, I dunno. I’ve always assumed British law enforcement is more advanced than America’s, but until now I never had the evidence.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, WENN


  1. Good girl, we already spent two wars telling them to stuff their shakedowns

    • hmm

      Hey dude, better run along now. That 60 hours of “charity work” you do every week isn’t gonna do itself.

    • hurhur

      “Spent two wars” is overstating it a touch given how late you turned up both times, don’t you think? I’d say it was more like half a war if you combine both contributions. You seemed pretty content to let the nazis just get on with it until the Japanese turned up. I say “You” as if any of us had anything at all the fucking do with the entire affair mind you, which we didn’t.

    • Urbanspaceman

      Yes indeed Americans, thank you for getting into WW1 just in time to break the stalemate and produce the “peace” treaty that was the #1 cause of WW2.

    • V

      lol, idiots bringing out historical events and adding themselves as “we”. **You** didn’t do shit. You don’t do shit.

  2. Snooki's Taint

    Do you have a site for people who post here? basically, poor people with no job, no life, and an unhealthy desire to watch every movement a celebrity makes? Cause that is something I could go for.

  3. sick

    Why is there a cow hoove in the picture?

  4. Ash

    she could do with a nose job

  5. cc

    I heard guys who give out parking tickets get a lot of free blowjobs. Is that true?

  6. Amanda Seyfried Parking Ticket
    Rough--Do you know who I am?
    Commented on this photo:

    Come on mandy, stp being such a prude. Just lil peek? purrty please?

  7. RoboZombie

    Dumb b*tch

  8. Seems a little odd that paparazzi were onsite and on the ball to get photos of her sitting in the car, and holding the ticket…but nothing of her actually throwing it back at the cop. It’s almost like it’s totally made up…

  9. “I fookin’ hate traffic wardens!”

  10. Amanda Seyfried Parking Ticket
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    Where did the random floating vagina in her car come from?

  11. Gordon

    Makes no odds if she throws it. Once a ticket is issued in the UK it’s electronically recorded. She’ll still get fined. That’s what the parking warden knows when he walks away.

    Fines in the UK get doubled after 5 days then you go to court. She won’t care about the money, but the court hearing could be funny!

    • It’s the same in the US. The ticket you get is your opportunity to pay for it without going to court…throw a butthurt hissy and toss the ticket, now you got no way to pay it. But since she was sitting in the passenger seat, that means it was probably someone else’s car and she just fucked THEM over.

  12. Luckily, she keeps an abacus in her glove box, in order to figure out the dollars-to-pounds conversion.

  13. Mee Mee

    It will catch up to her. I got a parking ticket in England I tried to ignore. They finally found me a year later and I ended up paying more.

  14. Mee Mee

    Disappointing really. I really liked her. Sad to find out she’s just another self important stuck up hollywood beeotch.

  15. Amanda Seyfried Parking Ticket
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    It wasn’t even her car, she isn’t driving it, so why did she even care? Just trying to get attention.

  16. Amanda Seyfried Parking Ticket
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    Poor thing.

    To think she was actually -born- with that scowling, chiseled ‘ex-wife’ face.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Hopefully, there is a charity somewhere that will help her.

  17. Amanda Seyfried Parking Ticket
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    My garden tractor is smarter than this bitch.

  18. wtf

    Why the hell wouldn’t she throw the stupid ass ticket on the ground? what are the limeys going to do about it, send one of their gunless homo ‘bobbies’ in their gay ass uniforms over to America to arrest her or something? I’m pretty sure parking offenses aren’t subject to international extradition treaties.
    She’s smoking hot, young, likes to bang anything and everything in sight, and she flips the bird at the law! She’s the perfect woman! (I am of course assuming she is skilled in sandwich making and shutting the hell up when there’s a ball game on the tv).

    • Yeah but then one day you fly to London for your honeymoon and Customs says “Can we have a word with you?”

      The Brits are wired up like none other. You show up again, they WILL find you.

  19. Tiffster

    Why did she drive herself to her own premiere? Shouldn’t she have arrived in a limo, or at least a taxi?

  20. the captain

    psssssst:she was born as “NOBODY” & will die as one!!

  21. She may be borderline hot now, but give her thirty years and she’ll look like that crazy English teacher you had in high school.

  22. Amanda Seyfried Parking Ticket
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    ahahaha. her face is PRICELESS in pic number eight! fucking aye!!!!

  23. Amanda Seyfried Parking Ticket
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    wow, i guess cuz she was in the poor man’s version of The Notebook, that she has special privileges now??? You still cant throw a ticket at a cop even if you’re a good actress!!! To have to say your best movie is Mean Girls is just sad little Amanda. Funny movie, but you have actually tried to make real movies since then and Mean Girls is the only good one. I thought you were a mediocre unimpressive actress before, but now i also have no respect for you.

  24. Amanda Seyfried Parking Ticket
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    Dude, what a pair on that girl. I have to admit that I’m a fan. But she could at least give us a flash of the panties or something!

  25. Amanda Seyfried Parking Ticket
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