Amanda Seyfried Would Like Anne Hathaway To Not Stab Her With Her Oscar

If you’re wondering how Anne Hathaway ended up in a nipple dress during her big Oscar night, turns out Amanda Seyfried was going to wear the same dress as Anne causing her to straight flip the fuck out and keep a team of stylists trapped in her house for hours. So now that the whole Internet’s heard about it, and in the interest of self-preservation, Amanda Seyfried tweeted the following to smooth everything over:

Fact: I love you, Anne!

Anne Hathaway has yet to tweet back which probably has a lot to do with her not using Twitter. However, her Oscar keeps begging for an iPhone so it can tweet its friends and, God, it’s so hard to say no to kids these days. “Isn’t that right, mommy’s little golden man? I could never say no to you, no way, nuh uh. Now who’s a good boy who wants mama’s milk? Yes, you’re a good boy. Num num!”

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