Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe, Huh?

November 1st, 2010 // 17 Comments

Proving once again any time I make a doggy-style sex joke, Ryan Phillippe ends up getting some, here he is leaving Kate Hudson‘s Halloween party while trying to pretend Amanda Seyfried wearing a giant dog costume isn’t in the front seat. Then again, that’s entirely on her considering, oh I dunno, she’s wearing a giant dog costume in the front seat. Ryan Phillippe just wanted to get laid, so you can’t rely on him for rational thinking. He probably suggested she ride on the roof with a name tag on. “Trust me, this will totally work when I see breasts later.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Charlie Caligula


  2. her stock just dropped a little more

  3. Mc Grough crime dog

    ♫Ill bang you for sentimental reason♫

    That Sam Cooke can sing a song cant he?

  4. Where was Phillippe’s costume?

  5. Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe
    Commented on this photo:

    so refreshing that ONE young celeb dressep up as something not slutty. I like Amanda now.

  6. Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe
    Commented on this photo:

    maybe he can fix her eyes so she won’t look like a chiuaua anymore.

  7. Rookie Of Da Year

    So Ryan is into beastiality?

  8. Erica

    He sure likes his blondes.

  9. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She is gorgeous

  10. Kitty Furry


  11. NeNe

    WTF. She seems too good for him. He is a c*nt hound. She better be careful.

  12. So Philipe likes Dogs … or women dressed as dogs … interesting fetish… we care why?

    SHE seems too good for him? She’s facially inept!!!

  13. john

    Oyster eyes make me freak out.

  14. ferlo

    they’re both cool I think. good for them.

  15. ness

    Is Ryan Phillippe supposed to be Michael Vick with that hat and her costume? Tooo sooooon

  16. twisty


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