Amanda Bynes Wore A Green Wig To Court

July 9th, 2013 // 17 Comments

I’ve basically stopped posting about Amanda Bynes because there’s only so much you can write about her randomly picking people to call ugly and complaining about her eight million nosejobs that exist only in her head. But just in case it’s not clear she’s psychotically after attention, here she is showing up to court this morning in a green wig and jersey for those charges she said she was free from because the police slapped her vagina. Then again, I keep forgetting she’s in New York where I’m sure the judge was just impressed Amanda Bynes didn’t shit on the bailiff’s foot. “You must be one of those new crazy people I’ve heard about,” he probably said.

Photo: Getty, INFdaily, Splash News


  1. USDA Prime McBeef

    The post title seems to be missing the words “found dead” or “hardcore pornography”, so I’m seriously confused what’s going on here.

  2. Amanda Bynes Green Wig Court Reckless Endangerment Hearing
    Frank Burns
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    Yikes! Miku Hatsune needs to get off the wakky weed and back on the vegetable juice.

  3. Where's Dildo

    Who? I remember some crazy chick with big fake tits, but I haven’t seen those in a while so I figured she died.

  4. Slappy Magoo

    The more I see former child stars self destruct, the more I hope to FSM my daughters look up to Rachel Maddow. I don’t even care if Maddow tries to seduce them once they’re of legal age, as long as they go “hey here’s someone who doesn’t use a national platform to go batshit, perhaps this is someone I should look up to instead of whatever teen idol Walt Disney manufactured out of silicon and Tommy Kirk’s tears that hasn’t malfunctioned yet.”

  5. Amanda Bynes Green Wig Court Reckless Endangerment Hearing
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    I didn’t know body dysmorphia came in green.

  6. emma watson's vagina

    shamefully I would murder her vagina.

  7. crb

    Your move, Glenn Beck…

  8. Amanda Bynes Green Wig Court Reckless Endangerment Hearing
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    All of you, admit it: This is the best she’s looked in a while, and you would go to town on this crazy muppet.

    I assume she’s that incompetent lawyer Lilo had for a whle, since I assume anyone with a law degree and/or a brain would tell her to knock it off with the wigs and tanks on court day.

  9. Who are these plastic surgeons that are operating on Amanda Bynes? Don’t they have to perform a psych evaluation beforehand? She’s had like 10 nose jobs and now she removed her tits. She’s obviously not sane enough to make such decisions.

    Fucking cunts.

  10. Amanda Bynes Green Wig Court Reckless Endangerment Hearing
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    If any non-celebutante came to court like that it would be automatic contempt, just stating the obvious.

  11. apparently now the judge has left the case.
    because obviously he knows
    HE. IS. UGLY.

  12. Amanda Bynes Green Wig Court Reckless Endangerment Hearing
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    I jumped out of an aircraft at 12′ 500 feet yesterday and I’m still glowing . So I don’t care about any of these folks at the moment

  13. Amanda Bynes Green Wig Court Reckless Endangerment Hearing
    cluade balls
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    LOVE YOU AMANDA! Praying for you. Do whats right right lady. You know whats best. Cant believe them all ehh?

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