Amanda Bynes Wants Everyone To Stop Calling Her ‘The New Lindsay Lohan’

Let me start this post by pointing out a few similarities between Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan:

- Both are former child-actors.
– Both haven’t acted in a film since 2010.
– Both are nowhere near as hot as they used to be.
– Both like to party.
– Both have had sex with Wilmer Valderrama. (Honestly taking a shot in the dark here, but the odds are with me.)
– Both have been arrested for DUI and immediately turned around and kept clubbing.

So keeping all that in mind, Amanda Bynes would appreciate if you stop calling her “the new Lindsay Lohan” because apparently being lazy is sexist now. Dames. RadarOnline reports:

Amanda thinks its extremely unfair that people are calling her the new Lindsay Lohan,” a source close to the actress tells exclusively. “Comparisons between the two are just ridiculous as Amanda has never been arrested for drug possession or for stealing anything. Yes, she got arrested for a DUI, but that doesn’t mean that she is headed down the same road as Lindsay. Amanda doesn’t harbor any negative feelings towards Lindsay, she doesn’t even know her, she just thinks it’s sexist that the two are being compared. Men in Hollywood that get arrested for DUI’s don’t face the same scrutiny that women do and that is what really irks Amanda. She isn’t taking the DUI arrest lightly.”

Yes, people are making fun of Amanda Bynes because she’s a woman and not because she got arrested for DUI then spent the next 11 days stumbling out of bars to either back onto curbs while texting or take four hours to make a 3-point turn in the middle of goddamn West Hollywood. It’s all an intricate plot to destroy modern feminism by equating two unfortunate-looking 20-something train wrecks with each other. I honestly don’t know how she figured it out.

Photos: Splash News