Amanda Bynes Is Tweeting Again (Probably)

When all of this Amanda Bynes business started back up again, probably the most prevalent words out of everyone’s mouths were, “Well, at least she’s not tweeting again.” She’s tweeting again. Styleite via Jezebel:

“Ashley Banks” or @persianla27 has been rumored for a while to be a poorly disguised alias, and has been relentlessly tweeting increasingly disturbing shit in the months preceding Bynes’ arrest (along with #TBT pics of the star from her 2013 glory days.) There’s also a Tumblr linked under the same name, and a weird Instagram and Facebook page.

Here are just a few of the most recent tweets from @PersianLa27 which, in fairness, could just as easily be written by me or anyone even remotely familiar with Amanda Bynes:

Then again, it appears whoever this is has been getting high in their room watching Netflix because they can’t leave the house, so who the fuck knows?

The important thing is someone should probably keep an eye on Drake’s penis before it’s framed for vagina murder. Just as a precaution.

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