Amanda Bynes Smokes So Much Pot She Talks To Herself In A Secret Language

When we last left Amanda Bynes she was suing Us Weekly for being ugly and/or Asian which now seems pretty impressive considering she spends the majority of her time walking around her apartment complex talking to herself in a secret language while checking smoke detectors for bugs. RadarOnline reports:

The former Nickelodeon star has been “spotted wondering (sic) the halls of her New York City apartment building at all hours of the night. She talks to herself in language that in non-sensical and has been hearing voices. Amanda is also extremely paranoid and thinks there are tracking devices in the smoke alarms in the apartment. She looks completely disheveled and she is scaring some of the other residents in the building with kids,” a source told exclusively.
As previously reported, Bynes’ has also been smoking a lot of marijuana.
“Amanda’s increasingly disturbing behavior is related to the fact that she smokes pot. It makes her more paranoid and instead of mellowing her out, it does the opposite. Amanda begins talking faster and just can’t seem to sit still,” an insider previously told us.

In related news, as of yesterday, Amanda Bynes now prefers the media only uses photos from this almost year old set when she would walk around LA looking dazed as shit before getting behind the wheel of a steel killing machine that she turned into a delivery system for a drug that makes her talk to toaster ovens. “Eh, people die all the time. Look how skinny those legs are!” – Voices 1-17 in Amanda’s head.