Amanda Bynes Robbed Her Weed Dealer

Because Amanda Bynes’ decision making skills are influenced by a flying armadillo only she can see, her weed dealer has stopped making deliveries to her apartment after she allegedly robbed his stash while he was taking a leak. Radar reports:

“He didn’t realize at first because he’s a delivery weed service, but when he went in his bag he saw his stash was missing. She even replaced it with empty weed jars!”
The source tells Radar that not only has Amanda lost her marijuana delivery service because of it, but she better watch her back.
“He won’t go to her anymore,” the source said.
“And she could end up really getting screwed by these guys. They’re good dudes, but you don’t steal from drug dealers!”

Just a heads up, anonymous source, you don’t get to use the term “good dudes” to describe drug dealers that are probably going to beat the shit out of a woman whose 5/8ths retarded. I don’t care how super chill they are to smoke with, or if one of them works part time at the raw food store. This isn’t Weeds where everyone makes up and has a laugh at Andy making foot porn. Unless Amanda Bynes is making foot porn, in which case, they should probably steal that and sell it to me because I just remembered drug dealers actually are good dudes. That other stuff was a typo.

Photos: Splash News