Amanda Bynes Pierced Her Cheek

January 16th, 2013 // 30 Comments

I know you guys come to this site to laugh at celebrities so you don’t have to deal with the heavy topics of the world, but in light of recent events, I really wouldn’t feel comfortable if I didn’t help encourage the sense of heightened vigilance out there. So here goes: Everyone knows to call the police if they see Amanda Bynes near a school, right? That’s been made clear? Because you should. You should immediately.

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  1. Amanda Bynes Cheek Piercing
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  2. Amanda Bynes Cheek Piercing
    henry hill
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    she’s ready for her money shot, mr. demille.

  3. cc

    Well, in a shirt that ugly, she’d certainly be easy to spot.


    Well that’s great, and now every diptshit moron 13 year old girl will do the same. 30 years from now we’re going to have a saggy population of women with stupid piercing scars, wrinkled above the ass tattoos and hair that has been permanently made into grey-colored straw due to all the dieing.

    • uh no

      Nice try but hair grows healthy from the scalp every time. The only way she could ruin it is with Chemotherapy or her diet/ lifestyle. In 30 years, everyone will forget how biology works!

  5. SIN

    Looks like a press on to me.

  6. Piercing OK but I just LOVE the shirt. Very nice.

  7. That’s not a piercing. It’s shrapnel from her last car accident.

    • I'mCool

      Agreed. And I’m hoping she is either sitting in the BACK seat of that car or she’s in a British car with the steering wheel on the right. Anything but behind the wheel …

  8. Tony

    Ladies, guys don’t think that those facial piercings are sexy. STOP piercing your nose, cheeks, eyebrows, etc. IT JUST ISN’T HOT.

    • namehere

      Damn those women that don’ t live for men, and don’t care what men think it’s hot….Yeah, I don’t think women punch holes in their skin to get some dick from the guy across the street. If they like it why should it matter what anyone else think?

      • uh no

        Most guys want every girl on the planet to look like their type. We all forgot that its a woman’s job to be fuckable by every man all the time. Earth to men: some women don’t care what you think. Save the psychosis for your mom.

  9. Does this help her perform better in her job as a prostitute?

  10. Annie

    Aw, man. This is one train wreck that baffles me and makes me sad. This girl could actually be very funny and had better movies and projects under her belt than Lindsay Lohan, who I still don’t understand why people think she has any talent, especially after that Canyons clip.


  11. It’s called a “dermal” and you’d know that if daddy never loved you.

  12. Amanda Bynes Cheek Piercing
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    She may be crazy but sex. That is all.

  13. Amanda Bynes Cheek Piercing
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    Seems like she has a piercing on her other cheek as well. I’m assuming they join together inside her mouth as a crazy pre-installed condom rig. It’s the future of prostitution.

  14. that’s not a piercing, it’s a piece of the crack lighter she was using when it exploded.

  15. Joe Blow

    Big deal. Show us the pierced clit, Amanda.

  16. Amanda Bynes Cheek Piercing
    Motorboat Captain
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    Is she doing porn yet? I’m sick of waiting.

  17. nick kroll

    It looks like she pierced both cheeks. Classy! When should I expect to see her stripping down the road?

  18. Amanda Bynes Cheek Piercing
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    She was getting her nose pierced but someone called her name and she turned at the last second.

  19. Amanda Bynes Cheek Piercing
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    I’m still holding out hope for her. She can be saved.

  20. Gary Grant

    It doesn’t look like her. Now if this girl drove into a car, then I say we can verify it is Amanda.

  21. Amanda Bynes Cheek Piercing
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    Hannah Montana?

  22. Amanda Bynes Cheek Piercing
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    This is what happens when you cancel The Amanda Show an episode before the real Moody could be revealed.

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