So Amanda Bynes Is Probably Going To Murder Lindsay Lohan

Ever since she turned her car into a wheeled crack pipe of death, Amanda Bynes has found herself consistently compared to Lindsay Lohan which apparently was the last thing needed to flip every crazy switch in her body, according to Us Magazine:

“She obsessively hates Lindsay,” says the Bynes pal. “She rambles about ‘that bitch Lindsay’ all the time.”

Keep in mind, Amanda Bynes fled to New York last week where Lindsay also happens to be, so it’s literally only a matter of time until her firecrotch pelt dangles from Amanda’s belt. That or they’ll attempt to occupy the same space only to merge into a being of pure coke and handjobs. “Blowtug,” it’ll affectionately be called.

Photo: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News