Amanda Bynes Wants Obama To Fire The Cop That Arrested Her For DUI. Yup.

Before I get into this post, let me remind of you a little incident that happened back in 2008: An obsessed Lindsay Lohan was writing so many nonsensical MySpace rants about wanting to help get Barack Obama elected that his campaign literally had to contact her and tell her to shut the fuck up because it’s bad enough he’s a black dude with Hussein for a middle name, so leave your freckle stink at home. Jump to last night where Amanda Bynes was formally charged with DUI and decided to fire off the following tweet because she’s totes different than Lindsay Lohan, you guys. Totes different:

Keep in mind Amanda Bynes makes it a point to frequently express her love for huge black penis, so the fact that she couldn’t even bother to add “I’ll suck yo’ dick” at the of this tweet is probably the most racist thing I’ve seen in my life. Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t even hate black people this much.

Photos: Getty, Splash News