Amanda Bynes Is In New York Now

September 24th, 2012 // 33 Comments
The Amazingness Continues
Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
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Amanda Bynes is still adamant that she’s nothing like Lindsay Lohan, so fortunately Amanda took the first opportunity to differentiate herself by reacting the same exact way Lindsay does when she’s in legal trouble and hopped a flight to New York. That’ll shut everybody up. TMZ reports:

Amanda is telling friends the reason she jetted off to New York is because she was tired of being followed in L.A. — something she says doesn’t happen in NYC.
Bynes now tells friends she NEVER wants to come back to L.A, which is interesting timing considering her parents JUST moved to CA from TX to be closer to their daughter.

While it’s nice that Amanda’s parents seem to no longer be in denial and are finally trying to help her stop driving a Tokemobile around LA for hours on end on a suspended license, keep in mind these are the same parents that possibly used to pimp her out and/or let a Nickelodeon producer have sex with her when she was 13 or 14 before, according to urban legend, going on to impregnate Jamie-Lynn Spears. Or absolutely none of that happened, and now on top of having a crazy daughter on the loose, even more people think they let old dudes fuck her, so we all agree I helped here, right? I did good.

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  1. Amanda Bynes New York
    Commented on this photo:

    “For the last time, Ms. Bynes, we are NOT HIRING!” – NYC Cab Company

  2. Why is she running away from her parents? What the hell happened between them?

    Hey Amanda. If you want to hide out, might I suggest you come to Trinidad. Specifically to my house. I’ll take good care of you.

  3. EricLr

    She’s going to develop a clothing line there–right after smoking 10 ounces of weed and driving a semi through the middle of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

  4. stratacat

    notice how you never actually see her and Blohan in the same place at the same time.

  5. Craptard

    My kids were flipping through the channels yesterday, stopped on ‘The Amanda Show’, and I watched some of it with them – it was really funny, she is (was) genuinely talented & funny, not at all the kind of idiotic crap almost all the kids shows are now (or then). I really doubt that, given how scarce and valuable teens with actual talent and decent looks are, that she’d have had to whore herself out for a tv show gig. When did she get those great tits though?

    • Or, such talent and looks are dime a dozen, and the ones who get the jobs are the ones forced to endure some truly horrible shit.

      The world is full of talent on the level you describe. A cute face, a memory and a bit of timing is all it takes. And there are too many stories coming out about the pedo culture in Hollywood for it all to be rumor.

      • Child stars from Shirley Temple onwards have spoken about being sexually exploited. The most recent (and dramatic) revelation was by Corey Feldman, who spoke out after Cory Haim died:,10733294

      • You tell ‘em, msctex. I know one of my favorite things to do is scan the TV channels or go to the movies just to see you prancing across the screen. And I can tell that talented folks like you are NOT a dime a dozen. More like 18¢.

      • Vito, Nickeleodeon and Disney teen sit-coms — they aren’t Shakespeare. I’m not saying all actors or roles are dime a dozen, just the ones that clearly are. I’ve had a little experience working with actors and I can tell you: the extraordinary ones are truly amazing, but you can find at least the level of skill required for what we are discussing at any higher end Community Theater, and probably greater. There are tens of thousands of them out there.

        Plus, my God did you miss the primary point. How do you ignore a comment about pervasive pedophilia and concentrate on me supposedly saying mean things about a teenage actress on a show designed for teenage girls? And I’m the one prancing about?

  6. Zee Brat

    What a bad idea. We actually put celebrities in jail round these parts.

  7. Well NYC *is* north of LA. She probably thinks it’s in Canada.

  8. Mohawk Disco

    I didn’t know they were shooting the Godzilla reboot in New York. Carnage is guaranteed. But for the love of Broderick don’t let her lay eggs.

  9. Frank Burns

    Isn’t TomFrank up in New York? We’re expecting great things from you on this one TF . . .

    • What is it that you’re looking for from me, exactly? Hell, this place is swarming with celebs. I hear one of them got arrested last week for clipping someone while parking her car.

      • Frank Burns

        I don’t know . . . a sex tape would be too easy, and a car wreck is too predictable. How about sex tape on top of a wrecked car on top of some paparazzi? Anything to break up the boredom, really.

      • Frank Burns

        Oh right, she isn’t driving up there now . . . make it a sex tape with Bynes in a wrecked subway car on top of some paparazzi. Or something else New Yorky.

  10. Maybe this is like Looper…

  11. Cock Dr

    I would imagine that for a woman deprived of a car NY NY would be an easier place to get around and make contacts with customers & dealers than LA.

  12. anonymous

    You can have her New York.

  13. Gary Grant

    She may not be driving but I bet she will be driven hard and put away wet.

  14. Amanda Bynes New York
    Commented on this photo:

    Is this photo blurry or is this actually how she sees things through her eyes?

  15. Amanda Bynes New York
    Commented on this photo:

    Failed career => check
    Fake tan, lips and boobs => check
    Multiple legal trouble => check
    Date Samantha Ronson => PENDING….

  16. Sheppy

    I was in NYC yesterday. Back in the relative safety of LA today. Hope she stays over there.

  17. leesigh3

    Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband cause shes crashing into everybody out here!

  18. Mandolay

    Unveiling this season, Amanda’s new line of designer Rastafari inspired outerwear.

  19. fudgesticks

    Amanda has finally escaped the liberal media. Run, Amanda, run!

  20. thisoneguy

    Why American Apparel? You’re in New York go buy some real clothes.

  21. Amanda Bynes New York
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s gotten so bad that now all photos of her look like ones taken of Bigfoot

  22. mememmeme

    another one who could eat dirt and no one would care.

  23. cc

    If she ran over and killed one of the Trumps, she’d be my hero for life.

  24. Den

    The possibility that rumor is true is absolutely sickening. It actually turns my stomach to even consider it. People are so effed in the head.

  25. ck

    First they take away our Big Gulps, and now this. :(

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