Amanda Bynes Is In New York Now

Amanda Bynes is still adamant that she’s nothing like Lindsay Lohan, so fortunately Amanda took the first opportunity to differentiate herself by reacting the same exact way Lindsay does when she’s in legal trouble and hopped a flight to New York. That’ll shut everybody up. TMZ reports:

Amanda is telling friends the reason she jetted off to New York is because she was tired of being followed in L.A. — something she says doesn’t happen in NYC.
Bynes now tells friends she NEVER wants to come back to L.A, which is interesting timing considering her parents JUST moved to CA from TX to be closer to their daughter.

While it’s nice that Amanda’s parents seem to no longer be in denial and are finally trying to help her stop driving a Tokemobile around LA for hours on end on a suspended license, keep in mind these are the same parents that possibly used to pimp her out and/or let a Nickelodeon producer have sex with her when she was 13 or 14 before, according to urban legend, going on to impregnate Jamie-Lynn Spears. Or absolutely none of that happened, and now on top of having a crazy daughter on the loose, even more people think they let old dudes fuck her, so we all agree I helped here, right? I did good.

Photo: Courtesy of TMZ

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