Amanda Bynes Is Driving Again

[Ed. Note – File photo from 2012 that seemed relevant for some reason.]

Posted by Photo Boy

Less than two years ago Amanda Bynes had racked up an impressive 4 hit-and-runs, continued to drive high on a suspended license, then went on to a well-document public melt-down before finally getting her crazy ass conservatorshipped(?) by her equally crazy parents. So, good news everyone! She got her license back. And just in time too, because she’s also off her meds.

Two weeks ago, Bynes’s attorney Tamar Arminak said the actress-turned-fashion-student is currently free of any medication, although she remains in outpatient treatment.

If there’s one thing I know about mental illness, it’s that nine months of treatment usually knocks that shit right out. After all, it was just that devil-grass marijuana that made her wantonly disregard human life on multiple occasions and openly beg for Drake penis online and do I really have to keep going with these links? Death, people. There is now batshit crazy death on the road and it’s coming for all of us.