Amanda Bynes Looks.. Wow

August 15th, 2012 // 115 Comments
Hit And Run #4
Amanda Bynes Cleavage MTV Music Awards
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When Amanda Bynes had her last hit and run, the woman she hit described her as “a hot mess” which seemed unusual at the time, except here’s Amanda walking out of CVS yesterday and Jesus Christ. One, how the hell did the paparazzi even recognize her? Two, why did I just ask that instead of going, “Hey, look, boobs!” And, three, do yourself a favor and check out the banged up death machine she’s tooling around in, complete with a manilla folder blocking the speedometer, I want to say underwear covering the rearview and a driver who apparently steers while laying in the passenger seat so it’s good thing she stacked all those clothes on top of the dash to make things more visible. How none of these photos show her murdering 15 people just backing up is probably the most miraculous thing I’ll ever see in my life. A newborn baby could turn around and perform CPR on its dying mother, and I’d still be standing there going, “Hey, remember that time Amanda Bynes didn’t kill someone with her car? Now, that. That was amazing.”



  1. Buddy The Elf

    Nothing says classy like 5″ fake Rihanna nails.

  2. TheArtimus

    If Lindsey Lohan and Miley Cyrus had a kid …

  3. Dick Hell

    I am most impressed by her invisible smart phone. Does Apple know about this?

  4. meh, she is dressed like every sorority girl dresses the morning after they party, and her nails are in way too good shape for her to be that big of a mess. Lemme know when she comes out with Lohan cheese teeth and yellow claws.

  5. Twizlah

    At least she took the time to get her talons manicured. She will most likely need them for catching field mice and garden snakes.

  6. El Jefe

    She is looking like she is ready for a good night of hooking. Good girl, that BMW is not going to pay for itself.

  7. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
    Commented on this photo:

    Surely she’s in character for a movie she’s shoo.. boobs.

  8. GrandDragon

    Well at least she’s at CVS getting her Valtrex prescription filled.

  9. Archie Leach

    lindsay crackhan will be joining the 27Club in about 11+ months so Bynes needs to prepare herself to be the new crackhan.

  10. USDA Prime McBeef

    Just look at the titties and it will be OK. I promise.

  11. Hugh Jazz

    BMW. The ultimate hit-and-run machine.

  12. I think my wife has been driving her car.

  13. WhiskeyDust

    What part of this mess is hot? Oh yeah…. the ta-tas….. That’s about it….

  14. Amanda Bynes Busted Up BMW
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    I’ll have to remember this next time I am sleeping in a car, and i want to listen to music, but the light from the dashboard is too distracting.

  15. Amanda Bynes Busted Up BMW
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    oh wow.

  16. Amanda Bynes Busted Up BMW
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    And in front of a hydrant, too.

  17. Sheppy

    Still, great tits.

  18. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
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    DANG looks like she got some brand new headlights!

    • karlito

      the reason she had so many hit and runs is because she was busy looking at her new tits while she was driving. her next step is see-through tops and then maybe a nip or two will pop out. this is how ex-child actors get to audition in Hollywood these days…worked for Lindsay.

  19. ace11


  20. JC

    I can smell her through my screen.

  21. See Alice

    Terrible outfit
    Terrible car get a Caillac ATS

  22. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
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    hahaha love the photo caption Fish!

  23. I cannot make fun of this girl. She’s obviously mentally ill.

  24. Bob

    Did she get implants?
    I know that a good bra can do amazing things (until it comes off and you yell FOUL!!!), but still…

  25. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
    Snack pack
    Commented on this photo:

    Again, this is just sad.

  26. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
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    WTF is up with her left leg?!

  27. kelly

    These pictures make me feel rapey.

  28. Amanda Bynes Busted Up BMW
    Snack pack
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    She is not well.

  29. MR.Irrelevant

    She’s obviously researching her up coming role in ‘The Lindsay Lohan Story.’ The question is, is she playing Lindsay or the mom??

  30. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
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    I’m not even gonna lie, there’s something endearing about this shot. She really is a hot mess.

  31. Amanda Bynes Busted Up BMW
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    take the keys away!!!!!!!

  32. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
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    You can see the light shining through the silicon implant…

  33. Amanda Bynes Busted Up BMW
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    I’d like to have drunken jungle sex with Ms. Bynes…

  34. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
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    Wait. When did she get such huge tits? Did she get implants? I love it.

  35. Amanda Bynes Busted Up BMW
    Art Crow
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    Ah, she doesn’t want to be jinxed by washing her car.

  36. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
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    In all seriousness, this breaks my heart. I grew up watching this girl on TV. From “The Amanda Show” to “All That” to “What I like About You” I’ve watched them all. It’s sad for me to see her falling apart like this. I really hope someone steps in and save her.

  37. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
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    Ohh post-child stars, thank you, if it were not for you, who would entertain us?

  38. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
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    Some day we’ll find out what really happened to this young lady – why she went from being TV’s sweetheart to such a train wreck that Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears refer to her as, “That fucked up bitch”. But in the meantime, we’ll just have to make snarky comments as we see pics of her rooting through giant hand bags, looking for her former career. BOOM! Roasted.

  39. See Alice

    Will Amanda become the next Carrie Fisher ?

  40. Anonymous

    Even I got to admit she looks hotter now than she did all dressed up for premieres when she was still employed.

    Brand new BMW with a bashed in grill?–yeah hard to deny that hit and run report from last week.

  41. Basement Jack

    I saw a chick that looked just like her on Intervention last night.

  42. Really?

    I’d still hit it, when a girl reaches this stage of mess she’ll let you stick in anywhere. I’d aim for her savings account. Then her butt.

  43. Schmidtler

    Why’s everybody crapping on Amanda Bynes? She likes to get crazy drunk, has a nice set of tits, and obviously exercises horrible judgment – this is exactly the woman for me!!
    C’mon, Amanda – get away from all this Hollywood craziness – come stay with me, we can drink moonshine, drive around in my old trans am naked, waving our middle fingers out the t-tops and crashing through police barricades every night!

  44. Amanda Bynes Busted Up BMW
    Commented on this photo:

    I can see what the cause of her accidents is, it’s pretty obvious, she can’t see over the steering wheel!
    She is looking pretty darn hot by the way. I wouldn’t mind being her chauffeur if she needs one

  45. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
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    damn, I am amazed by them big ol’ breastsessess. I’m glad she decided to give’em some air. I want to squeeze them

  46. Amanda Bynes Busted Up BMW
    Commented on this photo:

    This is the worst an innocent little car has been treated in Hollywood since Lindsay Lohan did those awful things to Herbie’s gearshift.

  47. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
    Commented on this photo:

    I will, and by step in I mean motorboat her in a Guinness book of records manner.

  48. Amanda Bynes Cleavage Toussled Hair
    Commented on this photo:

    Save her? These pictures are not from someone who has to be saved. They are simply someone with a different style than you like. Bynes is not on the level of a Lohan just because she looks un-celeb like in these photos.

    • Truthteller

      Except, you’re completely wrong, because just like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda here has been in multiple car accidents in the last year, all of them her fault. She clearly drinks and drives. She’s a fucking mess, how do you not see that?

  49. This guy

    I would sex her.

  50. It’s the hair! It’s that Lohan Hair color that makes women nuts!

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