Amanda Bynes Racks Up Hit And Run #4

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: The New Lindsay Lohan gets into a car. The car says, “Hey, why don’t you plow me into the back of another car?” The new Lindsay Lohan says, “Do it yourself, asshole, I’m taking a nap.” TMZ reports:

Kisa (last name withheld) tells TMZ she was driving her Toyota Corolla on Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley when she was struck by a woman in a black BMW. Kisa tells TMZ she didn’t recognize the woman at first — because she “looked like a hot mess” — but once they began talking, she realized it was Amanda Bynes.
Kisa says she got out her insurance card to exchange information, but says Bynes “seemed nervous about that.” She says Bynes told her the damage to the Corolla didn’t look that bad and proceeded to push her bumper back into place…
Bynes then, according to Kisa, said they didn’t need to exchange info since neither car was damaged badly. Kisa maintains, however, that Amanda’s car had “significant” damage to it.
Kisa says she continued to try and exchange info with Bynes, but Bynes just got in her car and drove off.

So basically Amanda Bynes rammed into a woman’s car, gets out, kicks the woman’s bumper back in and then speeds off never to be seen or heard from again? Wow, that’s actually the most considerate accident she’s had yet. At this rate, she’ll be performing mouth-to-mouth on the babies she runs over. “Trust me, kids go limp and stop breathing all time. They love it. So let’s not get carried away and drag the insurance companies into this- HOLY SHIT, A UFO!” *speeds off*

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Splash News