That DUI Really Scared Amanda Bynes Straight

Straight up onto the curb! (I’ll go kill myself.)

Barely even a week ago, Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI. And while most normal people follow that up by lying low and reexamining their lives, Amanda Bynes got right back on the horse like a trooper because here she is leaving a bar last night, getting behind the wheel of a car and promptly backing up it onto the curb because why wouldn’t she be texting the whole time? There’s nothing more important when driving with a buzz than to make sure you’re as distracted as possible. Otherwise, you might notice the steering wheel’s all wobbly and there’s a baby dangling from the wipers. That’s how accidents happen.

Silver Lining: Remember that business about Robert Downey Jr. supposedly going online and outing her and Hayden Panettiere as child prostitutes? Entirely made up. Not sure how that helps Amanda Bynes’ drinking problem, but at least now people can stop hiding their wallets under a mattress whenever she comes over. Shit had to be awkward.

Photos: Pacific Coast News